Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Software

Intelex ESG Management provides the transparency and cross organizational visibility needed to truly gain insightful ESG intelligence, provide timely stakeholder communications and disclosure reporting, and focus on key ESG and sustainability performance improvement areas.

  • Streamline the data collection, calculation and reporting processes
  • Participate in sustainability reporting frameworks
  • Centralize your ESG and sustainability data
  • Gain access to ESG experts
Environmental Social and Governance Software

Improve your ESG strategy and reporting with
Datamaran's automated materiality and risk assessments.

Manage Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) with certainty and efficiency.

Whether your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) challenges relate to data collection or quality, keeping on top of reporting to multiple frameworks, or improving visibility on your ESG results and performance improvement efforts, Intelex can help. From efficiently compiling ESG data for disclosure reporting, to benchmarking ESG performance against peers, to optimizing processes and operations that directly contribute to ESG results, Intelex can help you cost-effectively improve on all things related to ESG.

Environmental Social and Governance Software
Automated data collection and calculations
Intelex ESG Management integrates with upstream data sources including asset-level, transactional, analytical, or CEMS systems, and data acquisition can be set at your preferred cadences whether that be every day or every 15 seconds for maximum control. Our sustainability management software can also handle the calculations, with calculation speeds more than one million calculations per hour regardless of the scale or complexity of your operation.
Intelex ESG Management supports any type of disclosure or stakeholder reporting you may need, including reporting to DJSI, CDP, SASB, and UNGP. All your metrics, emission factors, locations, reports, tasks, and analysis are in one location, providing you one source of truth.
Access automatically updated global regulatory information, including GRI content, reducing the time and effort needed to evaluate changes in regulatory content against compliance requirements. Minimize the cost of ESG compliance management processes with machine learning technology that maximizes efficiency by cutting down the time need to breakdown regulatory documents into requirements.
With inhouse environmental and sustainability consultants, Intelex has the expertise to guide you on wherever you are on your ESG journey for the biggest sustainability impact possible. Intelex can also support whatever direction your ESG performance improvement efforts take with over 50 products available for advanced environmental management, worker safety, as well as quality and supplier management.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Software Features

From efficiently compiling ESG data for disclosure reporting, to benchmarking ESG performance
against peers, to optimizing processes and operations that directly contribute to ESG results, Intelex can help you. Below
are key features that will assist you in managing your ESG and sustainability mandates.

Environmental Social and Governance Software

Safeguard your regulatory compliance

Address issues before they become violations or fines with triggers based on regulatory thresholds, helping you stay ahead with inspections, audits, or operational change tasks automatically initiated.

ESG Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESG reporting management software?

ESG reporting management software provides organizations with an automated system for reporting to multiple frameworks and provides visibility on ESG results and performance improvement efforts. ESG reporting management software efficiently compiles ESG data for disclosure reporting, benchmarks ESG performance against peers and optimizes processes and operations that directly contribute to ESG results.

The ability to successfully manage and report ESG is an indication of strong corporate leadership and governance, and defines organizations as an employer or partner of choice.

ESG reporting is used by investors to determine the financial risk an organization faces from environmental performance, social practices or regulatory compliance. ESG reporting allows organizations to monitor environment, social and governance performance.

Managing environmental and social factors is part of sustaining a competitive advantage in today’s economy.

Materiality is a concept that defines why and how certain issues are important for a company or a business sector. A material issue can have a major impact on the financial, economic, reputational, and legal aspects of a company, as well as on the system of internal and external stakeholders of that company.

A materiality assessment or analysis is a process in which a company identifies the environmental, social, governance and broader emerging issues, such as digitalization, innovation, geopolitical events that are most important given the operating context of a business.

Additional ESG and Sustainability Management Related Products

Wherever your ESG and Sustainability operational improvements focus lies, Intelex has solutions to help you achieve success.

Root Cause Analysis Software
Advanced Compliance Management

Enhance your compliance posture beyond ESG with tools designed to deliver greater visibility into all of your overall risk profile.

Take the sustainability portion of your ESG mandate to new levels with tools to increase your environmental management capabilities.

Put your ESG focus on your people and process improvement initiatives with tools to amplify the reach and success of your worker safety programs.

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  • Intelex offers us a lot of flexibility, with the ability to create applications that fit what we need them to do along with modifying and changing the system to fit our diverse needs.

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