Nonconformance Reporting Software

Intelex Nonconformance Reporting software streamlines the management of nonconformances through an integrated workflow designed to resolve issues faster, analyze the root causes and take corrective and preventative actions.

  • Capture and identify nonconformances across multiple locations
  • Accelerate problem solving with embedded 8D and root cause analysis
  • Track workflows and corrective actions to completion
  • Make better decisions with key data insights
A frontline worker uses Intelex nonconformance reporting software on a tablet

Nonconformance Reporting Software improves efficiency and productivity

Inefficient management of nonconformances exposes your organization to safety risks and may damage customer perceptions. Intelex Nonconformance Reporting software is designed to easily identify root causes and manage corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence.

Frontline workers creates a nonconformance report from his tablet
Capture Nonconformances Faster

A user-friendly mobile app helps frontline workers capture nonconformance data more quickly, including photos, disposition, product ID and defect codes. A centralized platform of documentation automatically syncs data and connects all relevant parts of the organization.

Nonconformance Reporting Software Features

Intelex Nonconformance Reporting software captures nonconformances faster, helping to protect
your organization’s reputation, reduce injury rate and save money.

Graphic of EHS professionals creating a nonconformance report

Standardize nonconformance reports

A centralized platform supports standardized reporting across all company locations and streamlines communication. Reports can be designed from scratch or be customized using out-of-the-box forms.

Even More EHS Software Solutions

Go beyond nonconformances and improve your entire safety management system with Intelex EHS software solutions.

Intelex nonconformance reporting software interface on tablet, laptop and desktop
Collect and Aggregate EHS Data

It is not possible to be everywhere at once. With mobile access and offline capabilities, frontline workers can easily report any observation, near miss or incident. Collating this data in real time is crucial if you are to anticipate and prevent accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What are the different types of nonconformances?

There are two main types of nonconformances: major and minor.

A major nonconformance refers to a significant absence or breakdown in your management system, which directly impacts the system’s ability to achieve its intended results. Examples include frequent unauthorized changes, missing critical documentation and working in unsafe conditions.

A minor nonconformance is characterized as a one-off lapse or failure to adhere to a documented process. It is an isolated instance where a process was not executed as intended. Examples include improper machine calibration or the incorrect sequence of a process.

It is important to note that multiple minor nonconformances can accumulate and eventually escalate into a major nonconformance.

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With supply chain management standing as one of the most complex systems within select practice areas, it’s become increasingly alarming as to how sensitive they are to changes or disruptions.

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A group of frontline workers in safety equipment at a worksite.
  • We brought our non-conformances down to 0 with Intelex and our auditor commends Intelex to top management on how it helped bring our non-conformances down.

    Blair Howell
    Environmental, Health and Safety Assistant Manager
  • The truth is in the numbers. After implementing the Intelex system we’ve seen reductions in nonconformances and audit costs, and achieved ISO 14001 certification in less than two years. The future is definitely bright as we continue to roll out additional applications.

    Jeff Yanew
    Environment Coordinator, City Manager's Office
    City of St. Albert
  • The Intelex QMS and their top-notch customer support have helped us build superefficient and extremely effective Quality System processes to help our organization move forward at a faster pace. Intelex has taken our questions and concerns to heart and helped customize systems that work for us.

    Jason Usilton
    Quality Supervisor
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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