Intelex Assets and Compliance Tracking System

Intelex Assets and Compliance Tracking System (ACTS) is a cloud-based environmental management information system (EMIS) that ensures compliance, increases visibility and simplifies the management of air emissions, water quality metrics, soil contamination and hazardous-waste tracking across your entire organization.

  • Manage air, water, soil and waste data in a single, centralized solution
  • Built-in content packs for US EPA Subpart W, EPCRA/SARA Part II, OOOOa, and SPCC
  • Mobile app captures data anywhere and anytime
  • Integrated with CEMS/ERP and Intelex EHSQ systems
Assets and Compliance Tracking System
Environment + Energy Leader – Product of the Year Award

ACTS Makes Air, Water, Soil and Waste Management Easy

Intelex ACTS is an environmentally focused calculation engine,
task management engine, reporting engine, and performance optimization engine all rolled into one.

Assets and Compliance Tracking System
Automate Data Acquisition
Easy integration with upstream data sources including asset-level, transactional, analytical or CEMS systems. Flexible data synchronization allows you to update the data exactly the way you need, from every 15 seconds to 15 minutes or 15 days.

Key Assets and Compliance Tracking System Features

Track, calculate and report your company's environmental
data quicker and with fewer errors.

Assets and Compliance Tracking System

All Environmental Mediums

Flexible functionality and a robust calculation engine ensure compliance with air, water, soil and waste rules and regulations around the world.

Intelex ACTS is Critical to EHSQ Compliance

Integrate with Intelex EHSQ software and other strategic corporate solutions to simplify environmental compliance and reporting.

  • Optional ACTS Analytics connects to Snowflake for massively-scalable, leading-edge analytics.
  • Optional ACTS API is a high-performance real-time data interchange which offers a fast, secure, and modern option to integrate into and out of your internal systems.
Monitor Emissions

Consolidate, track and report your company's emissions into the environment from many different sources.

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  • When you have technology that speeds things, provides efficiency, provides oversight, and provides verification, that really adds a lot of value to it [the technology]. I can use these tools to my best advantage to really drive the outcome which is safe product.

  • The geographic reach of Intelex fits our need very nicely. By utilizing both the web interface and the mobile interface we’re able to give people suggestions and support at a time when they may not be thinking clearly, when they really need that support.

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  • Successfully implemented a management system to ensure environmental, fire, and OSHA related compliance are effectively and responsibly monitored, tracked and reported on a continual basis.

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