Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ESG Risk Management

Identify, prioritize and mitigate your ESG risks via an unbiased and data-driven approach

  • Perform materiality assessments to see what issues matter most.
  • See how ESG and external risks shift over time.
  • Enhance visibility into external risk, not just the risks you see in your facility every day.
  • Embed ESG risks into your broader organizational risk management approach for a true, 360-degree approach.
ESG Risk Management

Minimize the Unknowns and Always Be Risk Ready

ESG risk assessment and materiality is gaining more importance than ever before as regulatory bodies expand to include it in their disclosure frameworks and guidelines. Meet evolving regulatory mandates with confidence while becoming proactive rather than reactive in your risk assessment and ESG compliance approach.

Minimize the unknowns and be always risk ready
Shift material risk assessments from an operational exercise to a strategic process

Gain comprehensive risk identification and monitoring through our partnership with Datamaran®, the only software solution in the world that offers a data-driven process for external risk and materiality analysis, including ESG. Elevate your ESG strategy with a full-suite software solution that improves risk management, board oversight and reporting.

Build competitive advantage with unique
risk management and compliance tools

Intelex’s ESG Management Software is an ideal tool to easily manage your ESG and sustainability
mandates as well as take a robust approach to risk assessment and materiality.

Identify and monitor material risks

Identify and monitor material risks

Stay ahead of policy developments and market trends before your company is impacted. Datamaran® identifies and monitors over 400 external risk factors—including ESG, innovation and technology and geopolitical issues—on an ongoing basis by scanning the regulatory, media and corporate disclosure environments.

Additional solutions supporting ESG compliance and material risk management

Whether you are struggling to integrate materiality into your ESG strategy or your ESG risk management process lacks a strong compliance management toolkit, Intelex can help you achieve success.

Advanced Compliance Management

Save yourself from reputational risk and be compliance ready with tools designed to deliver greater visibility into your overall risk profile.

Additional solutions supporting ESG data management

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What is materiality?

Materiality is a concept that defines why and how certain issues are important for a company or a business sector. A material issue can have a major impact on the financial, economic, reputational and legal aspects of a company, as well as on the system of internal and external stakeholders of that company.

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ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance – is all the rage. Whether it's attention from investors that see ESG metrics as innovative risk indicators, attention from organizations that want to benchmark ESG performance against peers or attention from consumers that want to use ESG data to inform purchase behaviors, EHS professionals are under pressure to provide ESG data.


The work of today’s food professionals is rift with challenges, from minimizing supply chain disruptions to addressing food crime to dealing with a complex web of regulations and international standards.


The past 18 months brought many changes to how firms operated, and EHS functions, no matter the industry, were impacted more than almost any other organizational area.

Manage your ESG performance, carbon footprint, and sustainability reporting programs with certainty and efficiency.

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