Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ESG Management Software Helps You Control ESG Risk

ESG regulations are coming quickly, but Intelex can keep you prepared with ongoing materiality assessments that help you get ahead of your obligations.

  • Measure your materiality to determine the impact of ESG risks to your organization.
  • Anticipate and respond to ESG regulatory developments before they become threats.
  • Get insight into your ESG activities such as air emissions and waste management at every location.
  • Boost your organization’s ESG reputation and brand to attract investment from stakeholders.
Graphical team members look at a computer user interface and analyze ESG data.

ESG Management Software Helps You
Anticipate Regulatory Changes and Market Demands

Intelex ESG Management helps you manage compliance and regulatory obligations, understand your materiality
concerns and benchmark your ESG performance against your competitors.

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Measure and Understand Your ESG Materiality

Intelex’s partnership with Datamaran allows you to anticipate regulatory changes and market demands to mitigate ESG risks before they become threats.

ESG Management Software Mitigates the Risk of ESG Regulatory Requirements

ESG regulations, such as CSRD and SEC requirements, impact every business and supply chain, no matter their location or industry. Intelex helps you ensure you have the data you need to meet your reporting obligations.

Graphical ESG specialist monitors material issues

ESG Materiality Measurement with Intelex and Datamaran

Intelex partner Datamaran identifies and monitors over 400 external risk factors—including ESG, innovation, technology and geopolitical issues—on an ongoing basis by scanning the regulatory, media and corporate disclosure environments.

Unlock even more ESG compliance and risk management solutions

Whether you are struggling to integrate materiality into your ESG strategy, or your risk management process lacks a strong compliance toolkit, Intelex ESG software has numerous solutions to help you achieve success.

From data-driven intelligence with ehsAI to tracking permit tasks to completion, Intelex’s advanced tools are designed to deliver greater visibility into your overall ESG risk profile. Click through each tool to learn more.

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Get to know the Intelex ESG platform

Watch our live product demonstration to get a look at how you can
streamline and optimize your ESG strategy with effective management tools.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What does ESG risk mean?

ESG risks are environmental, social, and governance factors that can affect a company’s assets, reputation, and operating performance. As ESG looks at scenarios that extend decades into the future, companies need an adaptable and data-driven approach to be competitive.

Deep dive into ESG Risk Management


ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance – is all the rage. Whether it's attention from investors that see ESG metrics as innovative risk indicators, attention from organizations that want to benchmark ESG performance against peers or attention from consumers that want to use ESG data to inform purchase behaviors, EHS professionals are under pressure to provide ESG data.


Managing risk for environment, social and governance (ESG) presents challenges to traditional risk-based thinking. ESG risks will increase exponentially over time and will have a significant impact on organizations for decades to come.


Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives have become one of the most important ways organizations can provide value to stakeholders while making positive contributions to the global community.

Manage your ESG performance, carbon footprint, and sustainability reporting programs with certainty and efficiency.

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