Sustainability Management Software

Intelex Sustainability Management Software is a comprehensive solution for collecting and analyzing real-time sustainability data, reducing waste and easing the burden of regulatory reporting. By managing your sustainability efforts in a single, data-driven solution, you can support efficient processes across your organization and improve your sustainability reputation with customers and investors.

  • Manage your sustainability data in real time using Power BI and Snowflake to mitigate risks before they become threats.
  • Report high-quality sustainability data to major frameworks, including GRI, CDP and SASB.
  • Perform external risk and materiality analysis in real time by monitoring the corporate disclosure environment.
  • Move from reactive reporting to proactive threat mitigation with visual displays and dashboards built on automated data collection.
Frontline checks sustainability management software on her tablet while in the field.

Sustainability Management Software Makes Data Management Easy

Regulators are watching your sustainability efforts, and customers are measuring your sustainability credibility against your competitors. Intelex Sustainability Management Software automates your data collection, eases the burden of reporting and creates efficient processes that reduce waste and mitigate risk across your organization.

Intelex Sustainability Management Software makes it easier to collect data in an oil field.
Collect and Analyze Critical Data
Sustainability needs a lot of data for reporting and decision making. Sustainability Management Software allows you to manage all your local, regional and global data, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and regulated and unregulated indicators, all in one application. Frontline workers can collect data using mobile applications, even without an Internet connection, and you can organize real-time data in visual displays and dashboards for immediate decision making and risk assessments.

Comprehensive Data Management for Your Sustainability Program

Intelex Sustainability Management Software manages your data, facilitates your regulatory reporting and
integrates with your existing systems to make sustainability easy and effective for your organization.

Graphic of EHS specialists analyze sustainability trends with predictive, data-based insights

Predictive, Data-Based Insights

With Sustainability Management Software, you can understand your sustainability risks in one application before they become threats. With more than 20,000 pre-loaded integrated emissions factors, a patent-pending emission calculation engine and leading-edge analytics supported by Power BI and Snowflake, Intelex can collect your data at any interval you want and process it at over one million calculations per hour. Our partnership with Datamaran provides external risk and materiality analysis of over 400 external risk factors in real time, while our eshAI application uses artificial intelligence to automate your analysis of regulatory documents.

Sustainability Management Software Supports Your Entire Organization

Intelex Sustainability Management Software supports environmental management systems for reporting, risk management and process improvement.

Intelex Sustainability Management Software interface on laptop, tablet and smartphone
Manage and Report Sustainability Performance

Collect, analyze and report your sustainability in one application supported by automation, pre-loaded content and artificial intelligence.

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a general term for the idea of building organizations and economies that can achieve their goals without depleting the environmental resources on which we all depend. For example, if an organization produces a product that relies on a non-renewable resource as part of its supply chain and inflicts damage on the environment while collecting that resource, that organization is not sustainable. Not only will the resource eventually be depleted, but the environmental damage could have a significant impact on the global community that purchases the product.

Sustainable practices support mutually beneficial relationships for business and consumers. A sustainable business provides more benefit than harm to the community in which it operates.

Elements of sustainability include environmental management, health and safety in the workforce, process efficiency and waste reduction.

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EHS specialists use Intelex Sustainability Management Software in the office
  • We have created a feedback loop, with all of those apps folding back onto themselves and sharing information back across the platform so that we can continue to refine our safety efforts.

    Scott Gerard
    Vice President, EHS
  • We replaced manual spreadsheets and sticky notes. We have a much stronger structure for reporting what is actually going on here. We can pull statistics.

    Tore Vaange
    Business Systems Consultant
  • With employees working around the clock in 32 different countries, understanding and controlling what happens from a health and safety point of view is critical. The Intelex Safety Management System provides the biggest cure and solution as we’re able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page.

    Christian Adkins
    General Manager, Occupational Health & Safety
    Metso Minerals
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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