Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ESG Reporting Software for ESG Compliance

ESG reporting software provides historical data and real-time analytics to ensure you can respond to all your regulatory obligations.

  • Collect and analyze your ESG data with Intelex to help you focus your resources where you most need them.
  • Ensure data quality by reducing input and calculation errors.
  • Analyze trends and track changing emission factors with automated audit trails and version controls.
  • Create efficient ESG processes that eliminate waste and reduce operating expenses while creating sustainable business practices.
ESG Reporting and Disclosure Software

ESG Reporting Software Helps You
Manage Your ESG Data for Easy Reporting

Managing massive amounts of ESG data is a challenge, but it does not have to be. Intelex can collect, analyze and report your ESG data to help you focus your resources where you most need them.

Take the headache out of ESG reporting
Meet your ESG Regulatory Obligations

Pre-defined forms and built-in data validation can trigger escalations for missing data, helping you maintain compliance with ESG regulations and anticipate future requirements.

Intelex Reporting Software Automates
Your ESG Data Collection and Reporting

ESG reporting software helps you anticipate and understand ESG regulatory risks while managing your ESG data for easy reporting and performance improvement.

Reduce input and calculation errors

Structured Reporting Forms

Intelex provides structured forms for reporting to frameworks like CSRD/ESRS, SEC, GRI, CDP, GRESB, and many more.

Additional Solutions Supporting ESG reporting and data management

Dealing with data collection and management challenges? Intelex has solutions to help you automatically capture data right from the source.

Intelex Assets and Compliance Tracking System

A comprehensive, cloud-based environmental management information system (EMIS) that ensures compliance, increases visibility and simplifies the management of air emissions, water quality metrics, soil contamination and hazardous-waste tracking across your entire organization.

Additional solutions supporting ESG data management

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What is ESG reporting software?

ESG reporting software provides organizations with a tool to streamline the collection, analysis, reporting and improvement of ESG data. Often it will facilitate reporting to multiple frameworks and promote visibility on ESG results and performance improvement efforts. It may also help you benchmark against peers and manage ESG risk. NOTE: ESG software comes in many shapes and sizes. Some tools are meant specifically for aggregating all sorts of ESG data. Others are more tactical, meant to manage one part of ESG, such as with EHS software or Net Zero software.

Expand your ESG Reporting and Disclosure Software
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There is no doubt ESG is now more important than before, and its relevance continues to grow. ESG today is more than just good intentions. It’s about developing ESG programs.


Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives have become one of the most important ways organizations can provide value to stakeholders.


As the business landscape becomes more complex, the need to standardize environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators becomes even more critical. Is your organization ready?

Manage your ESG performance, carbon footprint, and sustainability reporting programs with certainty and efficiency.

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