Near Miss Reporting Software

Instead of reactively responding to incidents, use Intelex Near Miss Reporting software to proactively identify and eliminate hazards and risks in your organization. Engage your workforce to find opportunities for improvement that reduce workplace risks before they become incidents and result in injured employees, delays of work and costly fines.

  • Proactively identify and reduce workplace environmental, physical and behavioral hazards
  • Mobile technology is easy to use for all workers and captures near miss data where and when it occurs
  • Proven best-practices forms and workflows available out of the box
  • Real time near miss data dashboards and customizable reports
Near Miss Reporting Software

Intelex Near Miss Reporting Software Prevents Incidents

Intelex Near Miss Reporting software reports, tracks, analyzes and addresses
near misses so that future incidents can be prevented, not responded to.

Near Miss Reporting Software
Shift from Reactive to Proactive

Near Miss Reporting software delivers visibility into the elements that contribute to an incident before the incident occurs. Don't just fix when you can prevent.

Key Near Miss Reporting Features

By capturing, tracking and analyzing near misses, you can control them and
work to prevent costly and disruptive incidents from ever occurring.

Near Miss Reporting Software - Best-Practice Near Miss Forms

Best-Practice Near Miss Forms

Proven best-practices forms are available out of the box with location, date, time, free text description, potential severity, observer’s name and time reported. Alternatively use the integrated Form Designer to create custom forms that are a perfect fit for your organization.

Near Miss Reporting is Critical to Safety Improvement

Intelex Near Miss Reporting transforms reactive safety management into proactive safety management strategies.

Near Miss Reporting Software
Track, Report and Comply

Reduce the administrative burden of compliance and EHS program management.

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  • I believe I have an opportunity to work with a software like Intelex to help people to avoid future major life threatening accidents.

    Agnico Eagle
  • The Intelex platform allows us to analyze EHS metrics in real time and respond more quickly to positively influence future events.

    Scott Gerard
    Vice President, EHS
  • The data, the innovation and the technology helps people be safer and tells us how we can prevent the serious and major accidents and ill health that I’ve had exposure to in my career.

    James Pomeroy
    Group Health, Safety, Environment and Security Director
    Lloyd's Register
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

Transform your organization's Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality management today.

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