Behavior Based Safety Software

Intelex Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) software fosters a strong safety culture and promotes engagement by making it easy to record, track, analyze and correct incorrect behavior.

  • Drive down the rate and severity of incidents
  • Boost visibility into at-risk behaviors and trends
  • Promote engagement in the safety management process
  • Foster a positive and proactive safety culture
Behavior Based Safety Software

Enhance the effectiveness of your safety
management program with an engaged workforce

Streamline the management of behavior-based safety programs by standardizing all elements of the reporting structure.

Intelex Behavior Based Safety Software
Customize your BBS program to match your operations

Behavior-Based Safety is a flexible solution for your unique needs. Just select the behavior categories you want and define your own tasks to maximize effectiveness.

Behavior Based Safety Software Features

Intelex Behavior-Based Safety software makes it easier to launch and
manage a comprehensive BBS program for any industry, job and risk level.

Behavior Based Safety Software - Configurability for utility

Configurability for utility

Make reporting behaviors a breeze by configuring the application so that users see common tasks, behaviors and sub-behaviors quickly and easily.

A World Of EHS Tools At Your Fingertips

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Behavior Based Safety Software - A World Of EHS Tools At Your Fingertips
Track, Report & Comply

Reduce the administrative burden of compliance and EHS program management.

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knowledge with these featured resources


Employee engagement is vital for an efficient and effective safety management system. This report will show you how to build data-based engagement strategies that will help guide your EHS program.


Data is becoming a huge part of everyone's lives, but processes, practices and tools make sure that data is accurate and that it gets applied in the right way.


Variations that exist within system processes may be putting workers on a path to making poor decisions while performing their work and invariably compromising their safety.

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  • We want to be able to make data driven decisions and prevent issues from occurring along with empowering our staff to be able to give us feedback about the problems they see – show them that we can and we’ll do something about it.

    Gary Pitts
    Global Health Safety and Security Lead
    All Hands and Hearts
  • What we have now is the opportunity to do things differently. Where you can use technology through IoT to actually connect control. We no longer have safety controls operating in isolation, but we can start to gather data and learn in real time.

    James Pomeroy
    Group Health, Safety, Environment and Security Director
    Lloyd's Register
  • Employees are responsible for their own safety but also the safety of others. This is a deeply rooted belief that we are all in this together and the company is behind their daily safety decisions.

    Louise Gordin
    SVP Environment, Sustainable Development & People
    Agnico Eagle
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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