Let’s Build a Better World Together!

Do you want to work for an organization that embraces diversity, encourages innovation, supports professional growth and cares about your work/life balance? Then Intelex is the right company for you.

And if you want to make a difference in the world by helping companies become more sustainable by keeping their employees safe, minimizing their environmental impacts and improving the quality of their products, then Intelex has the right job for you.

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Intelex Culture

Our Culture – Our Way

Our culture is the foundation of our success. We like to have fun but we are serious about our role in the world.

Maintaining work-life balance, investing in career development for our people, celebrating successes and milestones and giving back to the community are just a few things that make Intelex such a cool place to work.

Intelex Our Way is the set of values that supports our vision and shapes our culture. They influence how we do our work and act as the cornerstones that guide our actions.

We are:

Humble – We embrace a “count-on-me” mentality, and no task is below any of us. We congratulate or praise without hesitation, and we readily admit to our mistakes.

Hungry – We are passionate about our vision and mission and we are driven to succeed.

Smart – We embrace diversity and always strive to be inclusive. We practice active listening and are open to ideas other than our own.

Speak Truth/Seek Truth – We use data and facts as our sources of truth and we don’t shy away from difficult conversations. We believe in respectful and candid communication.

Serve Others – We are solution oriented, and we enjoy helping others succeed. We continuously look for ways we can improve how we do things by actively seeking to understand the experience of those we serve.

Intelex Culture

You're part of the vision!

Each year all Intelex employees participate in setting the strategic priorities for the year. Our employees play a big role in influencing our direction as a company.