Connect to the front line in real time

Put the power of your EHSQ platform into the hands of your employees, building an “always on” EHSQ culture that drives adoption through a dynamic and engaged workforce.

Connect, engage, inform, and educate with an intuitive mobile solution designed for the front line.

Find out how Lloyd’s Register is using Intelex to transform their approach to safety management.

Key Benefits

Drive EHSQ program adoption

Simplify data collection eliminate barriers to reporting with a familiar and intuitive mobile experience purpose-built for the front lines, not the back office.

Optimize EHSQ program outcomes

Enhanced data collection leverages digital imaging and voice annotation to provide a breadth of real-time data points for a more proactive EHSQ posture.

Ensure compliance and decrease risk

Automated workflows and alerting decrease opportunities for human error, ensuring greater accuracy in reporting for compliance and risk management.

Mitigate the impact of change

Meet an evolving regulatory landscape head-on with a unified platform that’s updated in real-time, reducing the impact of change across your organization.

Best in Class Mobile Capabilities

Integrated Platform

Put the power of the Intelex EHSQ platform in your employee's hands, without compromising features or functionality.

Real-Time Data Collection

Capture near-misses, hazards, safety observations, and other highly predictive indicators in real-time, either online or offline, enabling a proactive EHSQ culture.

Unparalleled User Experience

Deploy native iOS and Android applications consistently across locations for a best in class user experience that is designed for the front line.

Flexible and Configurable

Tailor the Intelex Mobile application to the needs of your EHSQ program by choosing the applications you need without having to worry about a line of code.

Intelex Mobile Resources


This hour-long product webinar and live demo walks through the key features and functions of the Intelex Mobile platform and how it will help your organization optimize EHSQ program outcomes and increase data availability, accuracy, efficiency, and employee engagement using mobile technology.


No one could have envisioned at the start of 2020 how the year would end. So what do we have to look forward to in terms of EHS priorities and challenges in 2021?


You need to capture quality data at any time, at any place, and on any device. Tracking nonconformances and corrective actions through spreadsheets or in-house solutions simply won’t cut it anymore.

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