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Sustainability is more than a buzz word; it’s the new way of doing business. Environmental professionals are leading the way for their companies, and Intelex is providing them with environmental management software solutions that make it possible for them to mobilize their workforces and create a sustainability culture.
Today’s regulatory landscape is in a state of constant change, and your business is facing new challenges as a result. Environmental management best practices have become more than compliance and risk mitigation, and every organization is on its own sustainability journey. We’re here to help you take the next step in that journey.

Identify environmental regulations, requirement and targets

Evaluate your environmental compliance status instantly

Gain the visibility that you need in order to proactively manage compliance activities for ISO 14000 standards and requirements, and other permit requirements, while reducing the risk of falling into noncompliance.

Reduce the time and resources spent on environmental data

Don’t waste time gathering and chasing after information. Streamline your data processes, access all relevant regulatory information in one location, track sutainability indicators and stop sweating the small stuff so you can start thinking big.

Identify environmental risks and drive continuous improvement

From water quality and waste management, to emissions management, compliance audits and beyond, stay on top of all trends in your environmental performance to mitigate risk and identify opportunities across your organization.

Empower your employees to view sustainability as their mission too

Sustainability does not sit with one employee; it is everyone’s responsibility. Encourage internal commitment to environmental performance with a central platform that makes environmental information accessible to all employees, from training records to policy documents.

Introducing Intelex Environmental Management Software

  • Manage environment data, incidents, stakeholders, and more
  • Reduce environmental risk across your organization
  • Meet global standards like ISO 14001 and comply with local regulations
  • Track and report on sustainability performance

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