Transportation and Logistics Safety Solution

An Advanced EHS Software Solution for Transportation and Logistics

Intelex optimizes safety in the transportation and logistics industry with a customizable EHS solution. Enhance risk management, ensure compliance and enable real-time incident tracking. Accessible both online and offline, our mobile app empowers proactive safety measures, data-driven decision-making and scalable growth for the evolving needs of your operations.

A truck stays safe on the road.

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Virgin Atlantic
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Tailored solutions to navigate
regulatory compliance and workplace incidents.

Intelex streamlines regulatory compliance in transportation and logistics organizations, offering real-time incident tracking, comprehensive training management and scalable solutions. With customizable features, advanced analytics and mobile accessibility, Intelex ensures a proactive approach to safety.

Intelex Transportation and Logistics Safety Software provides quality data and insights

Data collection and analysis

Tracking and analyzing safety data can be daunting, often leading to inefficiencies and increased risks. With customizable applications, Intelex empowers transportation and logistics organizations to proactively enhance safety measures, make informed decisions and ensure compliance, fostering a safer and more efficient operation.

Mobile App

Coordinating safety protocols and effective incident management is an intricate process, especially in the transportation and logistics sector. Intelex helps by offering a comprehensive mobile app, which optimizes the way you report safety incidents, conduct inspections and generate insights.

Intelex mobile app
Intelex Transportation and Logistics Safety Management software enhances communication and collaboration

Communication and Training

Communication gaps and fragmented training processes pose significant challenges in the transportation and logistics sector, hindering seamless operations. Intelex bridges the communication divide, ensures standardized training and empowers organizations to cultivate a cohesive safety culture.

EHS Software Solutions for Transportation and Logistics: Demo Playlist

Explore Intelex's EHS demo playlist designed for the transportation and logistics industry.
Experience tailored applications ensuring safety, compliance and efficiency throughout all locations of your work environment.

Transportation and Logistics Safety Solution

Transportation and Logistics Safety Software Solutions
Audit Management Software
Inspection Management Software
Training Management Software
Compliance Automation
Document Control Software
Incident Reporting Software
Job Safety Analysis Software
Near Miss Reporting Software
Observations Software
Behavior Based Safety Software
Corrective Action Reporting Software
Compliance Tracking Software
Job Hazard Analysis Software
Management of Change Software

Explore Virgin Atlantic's transformative results with Intelex


Virgin Atlantic

“One of the big things we’ve noticed is that people are reporting near misses, which is something we’ve never had before. Our health and safety investigators have been able to use that information to do a better and more efficient job of making sure we don’t have injuries because of those.”

Danny Miller
Specialist, Safety Systems Development
Virgin Atlantic Airways, Ltd.

  • 70% adoption rate of Intelex software and mobile app.
  • A structured workflow, fostering increased ownership of safety incidents
  • A stronger safety culture throughout the organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do transportation and logistics organizations need EHS software?

Transportation and logistics organizations need EHS software to ensure the safety of their workforce and compliance with stringent regulations. EHS software facilitates streamlined incident management, risk mitigation and real-time data analysis, enabling you to proactively address potential hazards. By embracing EHS solutions, you can enhance operational efficiency, reduce risks and promote a culture of safety, ultimately safeguarding your workers and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Transportation and Logistics Safety Resources


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