Our Corporate Values

Embrace Goodwill

Embrace Goodwill

Be a good person, put your team, company, customers and planet first. Help others. Learn about Goodwill and be an advocate.

Ideas Win

Ideas Win

Ideas and innovation win at Intelex regardless of the source, alliances, seniority, gender, race, color, creed, nationality or sports team affiliation of the source. Intelex seeks diversity and transparency of thought.

Accountability for Success

Accountability for Success

We hold ourselves, our peers, our leaders and our employees accountable for success. Success is expected, not a nice to have. Everyone must have a sense of urgency, a high work ethic and a relentless commitment to achieving our goals.

Proactive Leadership

Proactive Leadership

We must lead the change we want to see in the organization. There are no victims or mavericks at Intelex, and no room for complacency or cynicism. There are no barriers to those wanting to make us better and no room for those who do not.

Work to Live

Work to Live

Intelexians’ highest priorities in life are outside our office walls: our families, friends, hobbies and interests. We all work to make these things possible for each other. We must give more to the organization than we take. We must love what we do.

What is an

in · tel · ex·i·an (noun) - pronounciation: \'in-t∂-,lek-sē-()∂n\

  • A. An employee of Intelex Technologies ULC
  • B. A person with great intellectual and problem-solving skills, a strong work ethic, and commitment to quality and excellence.
  • C. A friendly team-player who works hard but also knows how to have fun.
  • D. All of the above.

Correct Answer: D


Ability to make an impact

Intelex employees who believe that a good chunk of their efforts help the company succeed.


Intelex employees who believe that there is good potential at Intelex to advance in their career.


Intelex employees who feel like they have a great working relationship with their colleagues.

Employee Development is Important to Us

We provide a lot of opportunities for our employees to have fun, but it also important to us to foster professional development and career growth. We devote a considerable investment in developing our employees. Including our current and future managers and leaders by providing them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to be effective in taking us to the next level of growth.


Product expertise across the company

Our product is central to everything we do, so we developed a program to help support product expertise across the company.


250+ E-Learning

Our Learning Management System provides you with a one-stop-shop for your professional development, giving you access to 250+ online business skills modules.



Our goal is to develop the next generation of tech leaders by providing opportunities to build your career.

We play an important role for
our clients and in the world!

Help us make our clients happy.

We've won more than a few awards (blush!)

Leader - Verdantix Green Quadrant 2021
Top Project 2020
Verdantix Smart Innovator
Great place to work 2019
Great Place To Work 2019
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