Supplier Management Software

Intelex Supplier Management software streamlines and improves the purchasing & fullfillment processes between your company and the businesses that supply your company with products and services.

  • Proactively manage suppliers instead of reacting to issues
  • Gain instant visibility into supplier performance
  • Improve quality of products and services
  • Improve supply chain performance
Supplier Management Software

Supplier Management Software turns suppliers into partners

Take a complete lifecycle approach to managing suppliers,
from tracking initial registration to ongoing performance assessment.

Supplier Management Software
Consolidate Supplier Data and Streamline Workflow
Save time, money, and resources by consolidating and tracking all supplier data in a centralized online database accessible across your organization regardless of geography.
Efficiently collaborate with supply chain partners to assign contact responsibilities and enable self-service completion of assigned tasks. Easily submit certifications and documents, investigate nonconformances and complete corrective action plans.
Engage your suppliers as partners in a robust process for addressing nonconformances through the systematic identification and elimination of waste and the execution of an effective corrective action plan.
Leverage integrated workflow for documentation and certification requirements to ensure that suppliers provide the certifications, documentation and sign-offs required to demonstrate compliance.

Supplier Management Software Features

Intelex Supplier Management Software centralizes all supplier data making
it easy to confirm basic supplier requirements such as contact information, contracts, and certifications.
Record supplier non-conformances for parent companies or individual facilities and set up and monitor supplier
corrective actions.

Supplier Management Software - Streamline supplier onboarding

Streamline supplier onboarding

Simplify supplier onboarding with profiles that include standard certification and documentation requirements.

Supplier Management Software strengthens the supply chain

Your business is only as strong as its supply chain. Keep it flexible and efficient with Intelex Supplier Relationship Management solutions.

Supplier Management Software
Track, Report & Comply

Reduce the administrative burden of compliance and EHS program management.

Track quality KPIs, manage nonconformances and maintain compliance.

Implement tactical and strategic action while sharing knowledge and best practices for continuous improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of supplier management software?

To plan, manage and review the suppliers that provide goods and services to your organization, and to track deliveries and service levels. Supplier management software can help you balance the value and quality of service you receive with the cost.

Effective supplier management includes establishing policies to oversee suppliers, negotiating and signing legal contracts between you and your suppliers and ensuring suppliers provide goods and services that meet your quality standards and timelines.

Supplier management software is used to consolidate supplier data and streamline workflows, reduce the cost of poor quality, increase efficiency and collaboration between you and your suppliers and ensure supplier compliance.

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  • Through the last two years with Intelex, we’ve set up a document management system that supports Safe Quality Food (SQF) requirements. We’ve transitioned from a costly supplier management tool that lacks internal oversight to true internal Supplier Quality Management with audit functionality with Intelex, allowing us to focus time and effort to implement real corrective actions for some of our recurring problems.

    Tim DeWolfe
    Associate Director, Quality Systems
    Hello Fresh
  • Having access to such relevant and timely data allows managers to make decisions quickly and allocate resources exactly where they’re most needed.

    Kanwer Khan
    Vice-President, Environmental Compliance, Health, Security and Safety SUEZ North America
  • We customized our supplier management module by working with our supply chain group, giving us a one-stop shop for all of our supply chain related activities.

    Greg Garnier
    Process Improvement Leader
    Hussmann Corp
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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