Permit Management Software

Intelex Permit Management software streamlines the process of issuing and tracking permits, reducing administrative burden and automating workflows. It improves efficiency and accuracy by centralizing data, enabling easy access, monitoring and reporting, ultimately saving time and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Deconstruct complex permit information into tasks and workflows
  • Stay on top of new and changing regulations with Enhesa and Regscan
  • Track permits to completion with integrated workflows
  • Centralize key permit information across your organization
Permit Management Software

Intelex Permit Management Software
Improves Efficiency and Compliance

Permit Management software delivers a centralized, user-friendly database
to manage permits, ensure timely renewals and enable better decision-making.

Permits Management Software
Optimized Workflows

Minimize errors and inconsistencies by automating task flows and permit processing. Automatic notifications ensure that permit thresholds are never in danger of being crossed.

Key Permit Management Features

Manage permit compliance from a centralized solution that enhances collaboration,
mitigates risks and optimizes efficiency for compliance assurance.

Permit Management Software - Stay Organized

Stay Current on Regulatory Updates

Global regulations and requirements are multiplying and changing at a rapid pace. Stay current on these updates with an extensive library of new and upcoming regulations through our partnership with Enhesa and Regscan.

EHS Management Software is Critical for Compliance

Intelex EHS software makes it simple to meet compliance requirements, cut down on administrative work and reduce risks. Each application is designed to meet your specific needs but can be leveraged together to drive performance.

Permit Management Software
Prevent Workplace Incidents

Manage workplace incidents from start to finish and identify their root cause. Corrective and preventative action (CAPA) plans can help fix them and prevent reoccurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What is permit management software?

Permit management software is a digital solution designed to streamline and automate the management of permits and regulatory compliance within an organization. It helps organizations with the application, review, approval, implementation and renewal of permits.

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  • With web-based platform we were able to extend all our environmental information to all the plant sites with equal access to our policies, our training, documents and permits so we could make quicker and better decisions.

    Maria Frain
  • Intelex has the breadth and the depth to be able to handle our complex businesses as well as smaller businesses and make it easy enough for staff to manage within the system.

    Darrel Nickerson
    Director of Safety
    J.D. Irving
  • [City of Tempe] Achieved the highest possible confidence in compliance status with regard to all environmental rules, regulations and permits.

    City of Tempe
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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