Operational Risk Management

The Intelex suite of operational risk management software tools helps you digitally transform how you manage and navigate your operational risks to gain risk visibility across the full scope of your organization's operations and drive continuous improvement.

  • Centralize and streamline your operational risk management program
  • Identify and manage operational risks across all operations
  • Integrate operational risk management into all key organizational processes
  • Make fast, informed decisions to prevent and mitigate risks
Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management Solution
Drives Company-Wide Improvement

Adopt a operational risk management framework that identifies, assesses, mitigates
and monitors risk of all types, complexities and severity levels.

Operational Risk Management
Holistically Mitigate Operational Risks across the Organization

Manage any and all operations risks, including tactical job safety risks, broad operational risks, environmental risks, industrial hygiene-related stressor risks, EHS compliance risks and more.

Reduce Uncertainty and Always Be Risk-Aware

The risks organizations face today have changed as have regulatory reporting requirements for risk disclosures. Intelex's Operational
Risk Management software helps you make the move from reactive to proactive to resilient in your risk maturity methodology.

Operational Risk Management

Centralize Operational Risk Management

Click into an identified risk to see details such as associated activity, owner, location, related operational risks, current controls, past assessments, CAPAs (closed and outstanding), relevant documents and workflow notes.

Additional Solutions Supporting
EHS Operational Risk Management

Whether its managing worker health and safety or managing environmental risks effectively,
Intelex operational risk management software solutions help you achieve success every step of the way.

Operational Risk Management Solutions
Advanced Tracking, Reporting & Compliance

Reduce the administrative burden of compliance and EHS program management.

Your Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.

What is operational risk management (ORM)?

EHS Operational Risk Management (ORM) is the practice of identifying and assessing environmental and safety-related risks and implementing programs to manage those risks to acceptable levels. ORM is critical for any organization striving for operational excellence.

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Transform your organization's Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality management today.

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