Water Quality Management Software

Intelex Water Quality Management software centralizes, manages and meets all global water quality-related compliance obligations. It reduces the risk of violations and dangerous discharges that threaten your operations, the planet and local communities. It can be used to meet NPDES (US), WSER (Canada), MCERTs (UK) and more.

  • Automate water and wastewater permits for every location in one centralized platform
  • Schedule water sample collection and maintain a chain of custody
  • Trend results over time and benchmark performance
  • Generate discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) with ease
Intelex water quality software and technician

Water Quality Management Software Simplifies Compliance

Intelex’s Water Quality Management software delivers all the tools your company
needs to go beyond compliance and scale your ESG sustainability program.

Water technician uses mobile software to monitor water quality
Centralize Permit Limits

Store and manage permit limits for every point source onto one centralized platform. Using intelligent search capabilities, easily pull up permit limits to view associated properties and compliance tasks.

Key Water Quality Management Features

Easy scheduling, configurable dashboards and out-of-the-box reporting streamlines performance,
meets compliance requirements, reduces costs and helps protect people and the planet.

Graphic of EHS and ESG managers managing compliance requirements

Establish and Maintain Compliance

Compliance with environmental regulations can be complex and challenging. Simplify the process by easily importing permit limits, monitoring tasks to completion and automatically reporting compliance reports.

EHS & ESG Software Scales Sustainability Success

Both EHS and ESG principles have become a critical component of a risk management strategy that seeks to make organizations resilient in a rapidly changing global economy. Water quality management is an important part of an effective approach to ESG. Intelex’s ESG sustainability solutions are a group of applications designed to help scale ESG programs. While each application can stand on its own, they are strongest when leveraged together.

Intelex water quality interface on desktop and tablet
Automate Data Collection and Calculations

Easily collect data for emissions factors with an always up-to-date set of emission factor libraries across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, waste and water. You can also calculate emissions according to your needs, by industry, regulatory body, job site and more.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

How do you track water quality?
Tracking water quality is crucial for the early detection of pollution, changes in water quality and the implementation of appropriate measures to protect water resources and aquatic ecosystems. It often involves a combination of the following methods:
  1. Water Sampling: Collecting water samples from different locations, which are then analyzed in a laboratory to measure specific parameters.
  2. pH Measurement: Using a pH meter or litmus paper, the pH level indicates the acidity or alkalinity of water.
  3. Turbidity: Referring to the clarity of water caused by suspended particles, turbidity can be measured with a meter or by visually comparing the sample to standardized charts.
  4. Conductivity: Measuring the water’s ability to conduct electrical current provides an indication of the dissolved ion concentration.
  5. Chemical Analysis: Checking water samples for various chemical parameters, including nutrient levels, heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds and other contaminants.
  6. Biological Monitoring: Identifying the presence of aquatic plants, algae, fish and more can provide insights into the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem.

Take a Deep Dive into Water Quality Management


This webinar shows you how ACTS Emissions Management software monitors all types of air and water emissions to help you demonstrate compliance and identify potential savings in carbon tax dollars.


Learn how Intelex applications for water, waste and refrigerant management allow for fast, accurate emissions calculations and streamlined reporting.


This Insight Report examines the data you should collect as part of your ESG initiatives and the tools you need to manage them.

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  • Intelex has been an integral partner in the rollout of our Environmental Management System, thanks to the software’s intelligent architecture and ease of use coupled with the staff’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Jonathan Maurer
    Director of Business Development
  • With web-based platform we were able to extend all our environmental information to all the plant sites with equal access to our policies, our training, documents and permits so we could make quicker and better decisions.

    Maria Frain
  • Our manpower is finite, so we want to be as efficient as we can in making sure we’re always looking in the right direction when it comes to preventing injuries and protecting the environment.

    Scott Gerard
    VP, EHS
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