Safety Incident Management Software

Intelex Safety Incident Management Software helps workers capture, analyze and report on all safety incidents and near misses. The software includes forms for all types of incidents, such as injuries, environmental hazards, property damage, security breaches and more. Streamlining safety incident management allows you to spend less time chasing down data and more time on high-value tasks.

  • Intelligent workflows throughout the entire incident lifecycle
  • Out-of-the-box forms that are prepopulated with data and information
  • Integrated Risk Assessments and Root Cause Analysis Methodologies
  • Mobile application that works both online and offline
Three construction workers review Intelex Incident Management app while at a work site.
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Safety Incident Management Software Improves Workplace Safety

Safety Intelex Incident Management software records, analyzes and reports safety incident data in an intuitive, online system. Rated as best in class by an independent industry analyst firm, it ensures that workplace incidents are quickly responded to and prevented from reoccurring.

EHS specialist uses a tablet to review incident report with frontline workers on a mobile device
Reduce risk with integrated Root Cause Analysis methodologies

Safety incidents are often the result of small failures over time throughout the system. Using embedded Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methods, such as 5-Whys and Fishbone, you can discover the underlying issues.

Key Safety Incident Management Software Features and Benefits

With mobile applications, centralized information and an automatic alert system,
safety incident management software helps organizations create a safer workplace.

Graphic of EHS specialists tracking all types of safety incidents.

Track all types of safety incidents

Pull up out-of-the-box responsive forms for injuries and illnesses, near misses, vehicular damage, property damage, environmental hazards, security breaches and more. You also have the option of assembling unique forms using the integrated Form Designer.

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Scale your operational performance by making the workplace safer and optimizing productivity with these additional EHS solutions. Each application is designed to stand alone but is enhanced when leveraged together.

Intelex Safety Incident Management Software on laptop
Intelligent Workflows

Streamline business processes with intelligent workflows that help reduce errors, collect data and update all locations with the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What is safety incident management software?

Safety incident management software is designed to capture, analyze and report on all incidents and near-misses in the workplace. It incorporates different types of safety incidents, including injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage, vehicle incidents, security breaches and more. All data—such as observations, eyewitness statements, photos, etc—is collected onto a centralized platform and aggregated into a comprehensive report, complete with trends and corrective and preventative actions.

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Incident reporting, along with metrics such as training hours, injury and illness rates, observations, etc., gives organizations a clear picture of where resources should be deployed to improve and enhance EHSQ performance.


EHS incidents can be painful for injured employees, the environment, and your organization’s bottom line, but incident management and reporting doesn’t have to be a pain point for you.

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Learn how Intelex can help you automate and streamline your incident management program.

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