What is an EHS Management System?

An EHS management system is not a software or a technology solution. Instead, it is the collection of activities, policies and procedures that deliver your organization’s playbook for Environment, Health and Safety programs. The goal of an EHS management system is to protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses, identify and mitigate physical, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace as well as improving training and communications that clearly explain the company objectives for promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

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What are the 3 areas of focus for an EHS Management System?

The three areas – Environment, Health and Safety - ensure compliance with regulations, protect employee health and safety and promote sustainability, thereby reducing legal risks, enhancing productivity and fostering a positive public image for the organization.

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Manage your organization’s approach to sourcing clean energy, reducing energy costs and minimizing negative environmental impacts such as spills and leaks.

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Manage the health of your workers to prevent illness, injury and chronic disability while maintaining productive operations.

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Manage your work environment and processes to identify safety hazards and prevent workplace incidents, accidents and injuries.

EHS software streamlines the management of environmental, health and safety processes and procedures, making it easier to ensure regulatory adherence and maintain a safe, healthy workplace.

EHS Software Streamlines your EHS Management System

Intelex EHS software simplifies the management of your organization's environment,
health and safety programs to protect profits, people and the planet.

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End-to-End Incident Management

Incident, claims and case management software helps you track, manage and report on worker incidents, accidents, injury and illness data. Intelex EHS software helps you maximize worker uptime while reducing day-to-day administrative work and increasing compliance reporting accuracy.

EHS Management Systems Software Demo Playlist

The Intelex EHS Management Systems demo playlist provides an in-depth overview of the software's features and functionalities, showcasing how it can streamline compliance, incident management and reporting processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key components of an EHS management system?

The scope and maturity of an EHS management system varies by industry, location and company. Some industries and countries are more regulated than others, which dictates more mature and robust EHS management systems. Despite these differences, there are components common to every EHS management system.

  • Incident Reporting captures, tracks, investigates and reports on all incidents and near-misses, including injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage and vehicle incidents.
  • Audit Management includes scheduling, tracking, data collection and reporting for all internal or external audits to simplify and ensure compliance across all company locations and operating jurisdictions.
  • Document Control improves document management across the complete lifecycle of your organization’s compliance efforts and activities. It controls access to sensitive files, forms and reports while preventing errors, reducing risk and improving visibility.
  • Training Management makes it easy to plan and track EHS training for a global workforce. Worker education and training is critical to building a robust and resilient health & safety culture while staying on top of diverse and always evolving industry regulations.
  • Regulatory compliance involves adhering to essential EHS regulations and directives and being able to demonstrate this compliance to the relevant authorities. This requires understanding the standards and regulations specific to your industry and locations, collecting and analyzing the necessary data and proving compliance through inspections and audits.
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