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Drive Health and Safety Performance,
Reduce Risk and Streamline Compliance

Intelex's health and safety management software offers comprehensive, user-friendly, web-based solutions for all business sizes. Ensure compliance, streamline incident reporting, gain insights, customize easily and engage employees effectively.

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Track, Report & Comply

Reduce the administrative burden of compliance and health and safety program management.

All-in-One Health and Safety Software Solution

Tired of process gaps and reporting headaches? Reduce the time and cost of multiple solutions and data sources. Intelex is a fully integrated software solution that streamlines processes across your organization and provides accurate reports with one-click.

Health & Safety Management Software

Health & Safety Management Software Features

Achieve process excellence, engage employees and gain foresight with flexible
health and safety management software that can be unified for even greater impact.

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Tailored for your unique business

Intelex provides best-practice, out-of-the-box applications that set companies up for success. However, we understand that every company has unique needs and processes. Therefore, Intelex works with our clients to tailor the out-of-the-box applications to fit their unique processes.

A Health and Safety Management Success Story with George’s


George’s Inc.

The software has helped George’s to streamline processes, increase team engagement and support proactive safety measures, making data-driven decision-making more efficient. Through Intelex software, George’s has been able to transition to predictive safety management, ensuring all incidents are preventable and everyone is responsible for safety.

Kenneth Sandlin
Senior Director of EHS
Georges Inc.



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Health and Safety Management Software FAQ

What is health and safety management software?

Health and safety management software streamlines workplace safety by monitoring hazards, tracking incidents, ensuring compliance and providing real-time analytics to prevent accidents and improve safety performance.

Expand Your Knowledge of Health and Safety Management


A Checklist Approach provides checklists to show you how to avoid each type of violation, as well as additional information to help keep your workplace safe.


Advances in environmental, health and safety technology are making it easier than ever to collect and store EHS-related data. However, collecting this data is only the first step.


The world of workplace safety has changed dramatically over the past fifty years. Industries have steadily improved in terms of incident rates, and yet, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 5,486 U.S. workers never made it safely home in 2022.

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