Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management Software

Intelex Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management software makes it easy to establish a procedure that identifies environmental aspects and impacts - a requirement to obtain an ISO 14001 certification.

  • Centralize all of your aspects and impacts
  • Prioritize and subsequently mitigate risks
  • Boost visibility into operations at all levels
  • Achieve ISO 14001 certification
Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management Software

Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management Software
Helps Your Business Become ISO 14001 Certified

Easy to use software that helps your organization identify, rank and track significant environmental aspects and impacts.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management Software
Identify and mitigate your impacts
Use an environmental risk assessment approach to identify and calculate the risk exposure of each activity and determine whether it meets acceptable levels.
Add documentation to aspects and impacts that explain the severity or likelihood of negative outcomes such as permits, internal guidelines or other applicable regulations.
Meet the requirements laid out in ISO 14001 to fine-tune your management system and boost company reputation to stakeholders while reducing environmental impacts.
Streamline the risk assessment process for your organization by creating a database of ready-to-use controls such as signage, PPE, spill kits or permits.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management Software Features

Intelex Environmental Aspects and Impacts software helps EHSQ and Sustainability
professionals understand the effects that their operations have on the environment and then minimize them.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management Software

Comply with ISO standards

ISO 14001, as well as other ISO frameworks, require a thorough understanding and robust documentation of aspects and impacts. Intelex's application has been purpose-built to support this process.

A World Of EHS Tools At Your Fingertips

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Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management Software
Monitor Emissions

Consolidate, track and report your company's emissions into the environment from many different sources.

Minimize risk to your employees across the entire scope of company operations.

Effectively implement consistent, corporate-wide regulatory workflow processes and keep your sustainability program running smoothly and effectively.

Expand your Environmental Aspects and Impacts Management
knowledge with these featured resources


Sustainability and EHS are both important elements in establishing the strategic vision of your organization. Read this report to see the latest research on how industry leaders are combining EHS and sustainability practices.


Regulatory compliance drives the need to track your environmental data. Public opinion is a vital part of sustainability and business continuity in today’s hyper-connected world, and no company wants to make headlines for a spill or release or for poisoning employees or the ecosystem.


ISO 14001:2015 is one of the most important standards for environmental management systems. Do you know what your responsibilities are? Read this Insight Report to find out.

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  • We receive weekly reports from all our operations and they highlight accidents or environmental incidents. I read the report and I always check what does that mean. I got back to Intelex and check on that date what happened and I can read the full report, I can see pictures of what happened and I can make recommendations.

    Michel Tetreault
    Prevention Consultant / Safety Advisor
    Agnico Eagle
  • Our manpower is finite, so we want to be as efficient as we can in making sure we’re always looking in the right direction when it comes to preventing injuries and protecting the environment.

    Scott Gerard
    VP, EHS
  • Intelex has been an integral partner in the rollout of our Environmental Management System, thanks to the software’s intelligent architecture and ease of use coupled with the staff’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Jonathan Maurer
    Director of Business Development
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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