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Intelex’s EHS risk management applications facilitate the identification, analysis, monitoring, review and treatment of both existing and potential hazards and risks throughout your organization. By integrating risk management into all key organizational processes, organizations can centralize their risk management program, identify and manage EHS risks across all contexts, enable a coordinated approach among various operating units to manage risk, and ensure that they are making timely and informed decisions to prevent and mitigate risks.

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EHS Risk Management

EHS Risk Management Centralized and Made Easy

Intelex’s robust EHS risk management solutions combine reactive methods with proactive approaches so you can holistically
manage EHS risks, prioritize people and resources to stay ahead of potential issues, and remain firmly on the road to achieving EHS excellence.

EHS Risk Management
Centralize Your EHS Risk Management Program

Remove the headache, time and cost of multiple solutions and data sources. Intelex provides a comprehensive EHS risk management solution that streamlines data collection and simplifies the analysis of organizational risks to help take the guesswork out of decision-making.

Holistic Risk Management

EHS Risk Management encompasses several types of risks - beyond just safety risks - that span across your business activities, departments and the people that work there. Intelex's risk management applications focus on Compliance Risk Management, Health & Safety Risk Management and Operational Risk Management to help your teams address risk holistically.

Compliance Risk Management

Compliance Risk Management

Managing compliance risks lies at the core of keeping your operations running smoothly, especially in heavily regulated industries. Intelex software tools make mandatory reporting to regulatory agencies easy and help mitigate compliance risks that can derail operations.

Health & Safety Risk Management

Protecting your workers comes first above all else. Intelex solutions help you respond quickly to safety events to drive incident investigations, analyze findings and develop an action plan to reduce risks that can directly impact the wellbeing of your employees.

Health & Safety Risk Management
Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

Recognize, assess and mitigate risks to your employees, property and the environment through greater visibility into your overarching risk profile and control of work.

Your Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.

What is EHS Risk Management?

The process of recognizing, evaluating, mitigating and managing environment, health and safety risk is collectively referred to as EHS Risk Management.

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  • “Our workforce reports approximately 4,500 to 5,000 hazards and incidents each year. Out of these 5,000 incidents, we typically have around 70 recordable injuries, while the rest are mostly hazards or potential incidents,” Khan revealed. “Based on the severity, different levels of root-causes analysis are conducted and reviewed by the management team. Corrective and preventive actions are put into the Intelex system, which are tracked until completion. This system provides us a great data set for our risk and hazards and helps us prioritize our resources.”

    Kanwer Khan
    Vice-President, Environmental Compliance, Health, Security and Safety
    SUEZ North America
  • Not only does the Intelex System allow for optimal organization and distribution of documents, manuals, and procedures, it increases internal accountability ensuring health and safety issues are dealt with in a timely fashion. Using Intelex to ensure the effectiveness of our performance provides a safer environment for employees, contractors, and in our case, the public.

    Alan Conquergood

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