Training Management Software

Effective training is vital to a robust and resilient safety culture, but the demands of a global diverse workforce and evolving industry regulations add complexity and cost. Intelex Training Management Software simplifies EHS and Quality training and tracking across your entire organization.

  • Reduce training costs
  • Simplify EHSQ training, tracking and planning
  • Ensure compliance with international, national and local regulations
  • Get instant insights from customizable dashboards and reports
Training Management Software
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Boost Your Workforce's Potential with
Intelex Training Management Software

Intelex Training Management Software empowers organizations to optimize performance, streamline training processes and
minimize costs through an intuitive and user-friendly platform. With robust reporting tools and collaborative workflows,
Intelex facilitates compliance, risk reduction and enhanced productivity.

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

Intelex training management software provides a centralized platform that streamlines and automates training processes so workers can start work efficiently and effectively. It simplifies tasks such as scheduling, enrollment and recordkeeping, thus reducing manual administrative work. Workers can also effortlessly access training materials, track progress and receive reminders, ensuring that training programs run smoothly and on schedule.

Enhance Safety and Achieve Compliance

Training management software provides structured processes and tools to ensure that workers are well-informed, trained and compliant with relevant regulations. Using robust capabilities to easily track training completion and pinpoint areas for improvement, your organization will reduce the risk of legal penalties and safety incidents.

Enhance Safety and Achieve Compliance
Streamline Training Processes

Streamline Training Processes

Effortlessly manage, execute and deliver up-to-date training materials and customized courses to specific teams. Essential features include automated notifications, mobile access to training materials and seamless integration with other systems and platforms. Your organization can achieve significant time and cost savings, while ensuring workers receive the training required for success in the workplace.

Training Management Software
Simplifies EHSQ Management

Intelex Training Management Software makes it easy to manage training for a global
workforce and to satisfy ever-evolving and increasingly complex industry regulations.

Training Management Software
Reduce Training Costs
Eliminate paper files or shreadsheets and reduce time, resources, and money lost to inefficiencies in your organization’s employee training programs.

Key Features of Training Management Software

When the decision has been made to purchase or upgrade training management software,
the following features are important to the success of your learning management system.

Training Management Software - Track and monitor training status

The ability to track and monitor training status

Choose training management software that quickly views training completion status at-a-glance with My Training and manage training courses through a centralized course inventory.

Training Management Software is Critical to EHSQ Success

Intelex Training Management Software works together with other key applications to deliver a comprehensive EHSQ solution.

Training Management Software
Sustain and Optimize

Implement tactical and strategic action while sharing knowledge and best practices for continuous improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What is training management software?

Training management software provides a comprehensive toolset for deploying and managing EHS and quality training across your organization. It enables you to schedule, track and report on training, licensing, certifications and qualifications for individual employees, contractors or workgroups.

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This product demo video walks through the user-experience and core features of Intelex’s Training Management Software Application. See how this application simplifies and streamlines workforce training, tracking and planning while ensuring compliance with training related regulations.


Organizations are trying to incorporate the right mix of robust tools, effective communications techniques, and, of course, best practices in digital learning. By breaking down information into smaller, digestible components, the teaching technique of microlearning is the perfect antidote to distance learning. This can be further enhanced with the introduction of cloud-based technology in the form of training management software, which allows learning to managed and tracked regardless of location.

Application Spotlight

Reduce training costs, streamline training data and optimize performance with Intelex Training Software. This hour-long product webinar and live demo walks you through how the Intelex Training Management software application will help your organization optimize training across your business and improve performance, reduce risk and increase employee engagement.

Top 10 Training Tips: Training Management Software Can Help You Up-Level Employee Learning

Training management software, also known as a training management system, allows you to eliminate paper files or spreadsheets and reduce time, resources and money lost to inefficiencies in your organization’s employee training programs. It also allows you to easily audit training results – who needs a refresher? – and provides proof of compliance with training-related regulations by storing and managing all of your organization’s training data in a centralized and secure web-based software platform.

Every employer offers some type of training: EHS training, job task training, company procedures training, onboarding, career development… You name it and someone, somewhere, is offering training. If you can’t track it, you can’t properly manage it, so your training only is as effective as your training management system. Many organizations are turning to training management software to help them track everything from scheduling required training, to tracking training for employees to sending out overdue notices.

Pro Tips for Training Management Software.

Whether you hire trainers or training companies from outside your business, utilize corporate trainers or do it yourself, there are some tips to consider:

Production schedules have been upended.

Production schedules have been upended, many employees continue to work remotely and understaffing is universal. So if you want to schedule training, consider “unscheduling” it. Providing as much online training as possible places knowledge management into the hands of students: your employees. They can schedule it at an optimum time for them, when they are not rushed or distracted.

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