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Compliance Automation Software

Staying ahead of new compliance regulations is challenging, especially when that information changes dynamically and can vary across regions and governments. It is critical to have a quick and accurate way to understand your company’s compliance profile. By leveraging ehsAI’s patented, AI-driven compliance automation software, you can increase your process efficiency and accuracy to manage compliance risk cost-effectively.

  • Process all EHS document types such as permits, operating procedures, policies
  • Capture all compliance requirements in minutes
  • Prevent duplication
  • Gain real-time visibility into compliance deadlines
  • Seamlessly integrate into EHS management systems
ehsAI - Compliance Automation Software

Integrate AI for Fast and Cost-Efficient EHS Compliance

ehsAI saves you time by doing the heavy document analysis work for you so you have actionable output in minutes. EhsAI's compliance automation software takes the guesswork – and risk – out of managing the timing and deadlines of requirements.

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Stay ahead of regulatory requirements

Let ehsAI comb through your regulatory documents, giving you a complete and detailed requirements list for your team to action, so you can analyze these documents more accurately, comply faster and mitigate risk.

Avoid penalties

You work hard to review and organize pages and pages of documents—and there is always the risk of human error. Use ehsAI to reduce and even eliminate the errors and possible fines associated with missed compliance requirements, so you can focus on exceeding your EHS goals.

Get to analysis faster

Use ehsAI to process documentation 10 times faster than you could manually do it. You will apply compliance requirements in days instead of weeks or months and hit targets faster and more accurately.

Integrate Compliance Automation AI to save up to 80% of your
time and money with accurate EHS compliance automation

Intelex Compliance Automation Software provides users a simple, end-to-end solution, for faster and smarter compliance management.

Compliance Automation Software
Automatic requirement mapping

With patented machine learning algorithms, ehsAI seamlessly generates a complete, indexed list of action items mapped to each regulatory citation and/or permit condition affecting your company.

 Sit back as Intelex Compliance Automation Software turns
complex compliance documents into structured data and actions

Seamlessly integrate compliance automation into your current EHS compliance process. Streamline your workflow by letting
artificial intelligence and machine learning interpret your regulatory documents, giving you actionable tasks in a fraction of the time.

Upload regulatory documents of any type

Upload regulatory documents of any type

Easily upload compliance documents or automatically access full-text U.S. federal and state regulations from our database, thus saving you time and money.


The Compliance Automation Software AI difference

The fact is: if artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing aren’t a
part of your technology toolkit, you are potentially losing valuable time, money and data.

Compliance Automation Software AI

AI machine learning for accuracy

Automates the interpretation and extraction of complex regulations


Automatically analyzes a complex permit or any compliance document on the fly, saving months of your time

Self-service platform

Allows for the least tech-savvy users to easily upload and scan documents with no training required

Low cost

Provides a quick ROI at an affordable cost, helping you put time and money back into your business

Other EHS tools

Manual process

Prone to errors and lacks accuracy and consistency

Waste of time

Makes auditing or review of new permits and regulations much longer and more grueling on your team, often months of effort

Complex reviews

Has shown that even the most well-versed EHS professional is likely to miss important data given the massive amount of new EHS and ESG obligations

Waste of money

Your team must sift through documents for weeks on end, time that could be best put to high-level analysis, not manual data transfer

Helping you do your job better

Learn how ehsAI can start streamlining your business and help you put valuable time and money back into your business.

EHS Compliance  Managers

EHS compliance managers

How do you ensure those hundred-page compliance documents are completed on time, accurately analyzed, and are meeting compliance standards while finding ways to continuously improve? ehsAI is simply the best and only platform that can take the tedious tasks off your team’s plate by accurately analyzing compliance data in minutes, so you can focus on streamlining workflows.

ehsAI allows you to:

  • Save time and money
  • Seamlessly and easily integrate into your culture and workflows
  • Make your team’s jobs faster and simpler
  • Integrate cutting-edge technology
  • Keep on top of EHS regulatory changes

The future of compliance is now

ehsAI is being utilized and recognized globally for its groundbreaking
technology and fresh perspective on managing compliance using AI.
Leverage its capabilities for yourself.

2021 EBJ Business Achievement Awards Winner
Big Innovation 2022
Top Product 2021

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