Refrigerant Management Software

Refrigerant compliance management is a specialized aspect of environmental management that requires optimized solutions designed by knowledgeable professionals. Intelex Refrigerant Management software executes specialized tasks such as calculating leak rates, storing refrigerant types and monitoring maintenance histories paired with capabilities to facilitate constant compliance.

  • Powerful dashboards deliver real-time visibility into emissions
  • Configure and receive notification and alerts with actionable details
  • Stay up to date with constantly updating regulations
  • Track and manage leak repair data
Refrigerant Management Software

Intelex Refrigerant Management Software Simplifies Compliance

Intelex Refrigerant Management Software helps your business manage repairs and
calculate leak rates to stay below leak thresholds and comply with regulations.

Refrigerant Management Software
Monitor Leak Thresholds
Apply leak rate thresholds to different categories of refrigeration equipment, calculate leak rates and create alerts for when equipment repair is needed.

Key Refrigerant Management Software Features

Deliver customers a robust software platform to manage all relevant refrigeration
assets and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Refrigerant Management Software - Centralize Asset Details

Centralize Asset Details

Each fixed asset includes its important details including location, name, operational status, specific equipment type (pre-loaded or user-configured), refrigerant, current charge and full charge level.

Refrigerant Management Software Saves Time and Money

Refrigerant Management may be a specialized, niche aspect of environmental management, but failure can be costly.

Refrigerant Management Software
Monitor Emissions

Consolidate, track and report your company's emissions into the environment from many different sources.

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  • All environmental data maintained in one centralized, online database, reducing time and resources needed to retrieve data and improving employee productivity and organizational efficiency.

    Campbell Soup
  • We receive weekly reports from all our operations and they highlight accidents or environmental incidents. I read the report and I always check what does that mean. I got back to Intelex and check on that date what happened and I can read the full report, I can see pictures of what happened and I can make recommendations.

    Michel Tetreault
    Prevention Consultant / Safety Advisor
    Agnico Eagle
  • Our manpower is finite, so we want to be as efficient as we can in making sure we’re always looking in the right direction when it comes to preventing injuries and protecting the environment.

    Scott Gerard
    VP, EHS
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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