Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ESG Software Supports Improved Sustainability Performance

ESG software provides automated and mobile solutions that give you complete insight into ESG data from across your organization.

  • Manage your ESG data to move from reactive reporting to proactive risk management.
  • Get the expertise you need to manage your ESG data and become a sustainability leader.
  • Reduce the effort needed to manage ESG so you can focus on innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Collect, manage and report your ESG data to ensure regulatory compliance.
ESG Performance Management Software

ESG Software Improves Performance and Reduces Complexity

ESG software helps you meet the challenge of ESG reporting complexity. It collects, stores and analyzes your ESG data so you can fulfill your regulatory obligations and identify performance improvement opportunities in your ESG management system.

The backbone of your ESG Management program
Manage the Complexity of ESG Data

Intelex can automate data collection according to your schedule. It also empowers workers to enter data from any location to ensure you have the data you need to make real-time decisions and engage corrective actions immediately.

ESG Software Gives You the Data Management and Sustainability Performance You Need

ESG software from Intelex reduces the complexity of managing ESG data and improves the integration of your ESG management system across your organization.

Full life cycle management of ESG strategy

Reporting and Visualization Tools for Your ESG Data

Intelex can collect your ESG data from across the organization at any interval you choose, from daily to annually, then display it visually in dashboards that help you make performance improvements to your ESG management system.

Additional solutions supporting ESG performance improvement

Additional solutions supporting ESG performance improvement

Wherever you focus your ESG and sustainability operational improvement efforts, Intelex has solutions to help you achieve success.

Advanced Environmental Management

Elevate environmental performance and boost your ESG agenda with a robust portfolio of environmental management capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What are ESG scores?

An ESG score or rating is a measure of a company's performance on a wide range of environmental, social and governance risks. ESG ratings help investors identify companies that are lagging or leading in their industry, which may flag opportunities or risks not captured in conventional financial analysis.

Expand your ESG Performance Management Program
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Whether it's attention from investors that see ESG metrics as innovative risk indicators, attention from organizations that want to benchmark ESG performance against peers or attention from consumers that want to use ESG data to inform purchase behaviors, EHS professionals are under pressure to provide ESG data.


Investors and customers expect businesses to embrace ESG goals and recognize their role in creating a sustainable world.


With ESG requirements quickly accelerating around the world, EHS professionals are leading the efforts to protect workers and provide strategic business value.

Manage your ESG performance, carbon footprint, and sustainability reporting programs with certainty and efficiency.

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