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Intelex provides a complete set of software solutions for managing EHS, quality and supplier performance across the food and beverage industry.
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Food and Beverage organizations today are faced with many challenges, including staying competitive in an always-changing market, ensuring the highest level of food safety, maintaining compliance with myriad regulations, and ensuring a safe working environment for employees.

Increasingly strict standards, for instance, have placed greater pressures on stakeholders at all points of the food chain. The new reality for the food and beverage industry is a world of more inspections, mandatory certifications and better supply chain visibility. These pressures are placing increased demand on quality, supply chain, environmental and safety management solutions to minimize the significant costs associated with noncompliance – those tied to reinspections, forced recalls, brand damage, lost customers, or, at worst, being driven out of business.

Ensuring employee safety represents another challenge. A culture of safety helps attract and retain employees and makes a company more productive. A reputation for safety can also help consumers form a positive association with a company’s brand. 

Food and beverage organizations are increasingly turning to streamlined, centralized software to meet these challenges. With an electronic food safety management system, all departments of a business with multiple sites and a nationwide or global reach can effortlessly access the same, most up-to-date records, requirements and other critical food safety metrics within one centralized repository.

Intelex has provided software solutions to the food and beverage industry for more than 25 years, all built on top of a single enterprise software platform. We help companies around the world manage and ensure quality, protect their workers, and meet industry standards and regulations.
From farm to fork, whether a company is a processor, ingredients provider, manufacturer, packager, restaurant chain or retailer, Intelex has the software solutions that will help achieve its business objectives.
  • Maintain easy, streamlined FSMA compliance
  • Manage internal or external audits 
  • Conduct raw material inspections
  • Conduct proactive supplier audit and risk assessments
  • Streamline document control

Explore our software solutions for these essential areas of your business

Minimize the damaging impacts on the environment, people and society.
Health & Safety
Health & Safety
Learn from every incident – anticipating and preventing occupational injuries and illnesses.
Manage processes, procedures and responsibilities to achieve quality objectives.
Supplier Management
Supplier Management
Make faster informed decisions that improve productivity and drive continuous improvement.

Case Studies

  • US Sugar Corporation
    "Getting to know the client services team has been the most delightful experience that I have ever had with any company that I’ve had a...
  • Cermaq
    “We replaced manual spreadsheets and sticky notes. We have a much stronger structure for reporting what is actually going on here. We can...

Get to know our clients and the difference Intelex has made in their organizations.

Solutions for Food and Beverage Instant access to data from any location

Following a global expansion, England-based produce supplier IPL had to ensure employees in all locations had access to the same data. Intelex ensures they can access it from one source.

Tracey Gunson, Group Quality Project Leader
Solutions for Food and Beverage Configuring software for powerful decision-making

Campbell’s Soup wanted one system for both environmental management and metrics requests. Using Intelex software, the Camden, N.J.-based firm can share policies, permits and other documents for better decision-making.

Maria Frain, Environmental Analyst
Campbell Soup Company
Solutions for Food and Beverage Sowing the seeds of operational visibility

JG Boswell, a California-based agricultural farming and food processing specialist, needed an electronic environmental, health and safety workflow and notification system to replace an outdated paper-based approach. Intelex also gives greater visibility into ranch operations.

Brenda Hamilton, Workers Compensation Analyst
J.G. Boswell Company

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  • Intelex clients Nestle Prepared Foods
  • Intelex clients H.J. Heinz Company
  • Bimbo Bakeries USA
  • BMMI
  • California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Casella Wines
  • Cermaq
  • ED & F Man Holdings
  • Garden Fresh
  • Hello Fresh
  • Ingredion Inc.
  • Kikkoman Foods
  • Merisant US, Inc
  • Mission Foods (GRUMA CORPORATION)

The Intelex Platform

The most powerful EHSQ platform on the market, it provides a robust and secure backbone to the Intelex system and the core management functionality upon which all Intelex solutions are built.

Solutions for Food and Beverage

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