Health and Safety Risk Management

Intelex Health and Safety Risk Management solution improves your ability to identify, assess and decrease health and safety risks at the workplace and head off potential disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

  • Centralize event data from all facilities into one place for greater visibility.
  • Streamline the incident management workflow.
  • Stay up to date on constantly evolving safety regulations.
  • Increase uptime and deliver business continuity through responsive safety event management.


Health and Safety Risk Management

The bedrock of your Health and Safety
Risk Management Program

Embrace a H&S risk management software solution that helps you monitor, mitigate
and be agile in your response to all types of health and safety risks.

Health and Safety Risk Management
Build Employee Engagement

Take advantage of purpose-built health and safety tools to share risk information across the company to help drive greater workforce participation in risk mitigation actions and maintain a safe place to work.

Elevate Your Health & Safety Performance

Our proven and tested software functionality allows you to readily track and report your safety data, easily comply
with regulatory mandates, and ensure that your workers return home safe from work each day.

Health and Safety Risk Management

Maximise Your Health & Safety Risk Management

From reporting incidents, observations and near misses on the go with mobile capabilities, generating automatic notifications and triggering mitigating actions, Intelex health and safety risk management software offers a holistic approach to risk-based thinking to help you know where risks exist and what decisions you need to make to protect your employees, facility and business.

Solutions Enabling Health & Safety Risk Management

As your trusted EHS partner, Intelex enables you to effortlessly scale your organizational
health and safety strategies, irrespective of where you are in your EHS journey.

Health and Safety Risk Management Solutions
Worker Health and Safety Management

Protect what matters most with Intelex health and safety software solutions - your people, your reputation, your assets.

Your Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.

Why is health and safety risk management key to establishing a strong foundation for an organization's operational success?

Effectively managing health and safety risks establishes a workplace where employees feel safe to work, be engaged and be productive. A safe and healthy workplace also helps them produce a consistently good quality output, which ultimately benefits the organization through higher profit margins and a good reputation.

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