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Change Agents: The Role of EHSQ Leaders in the Management of Change

Management of change (MOC) is designed to ensure worker and workplace safety, create resilient business processes, and drive continuous improvement by not allowing change to disrupt business operations. It provides the framework needed to successfully plan for changes to key practices and processes and accelerates the time required to address business-critical issues.

EHSQ practitioners must pivot on a regular basis to keep pace with changes in the workplace and workflow, all while minimizing risk. In order to maintain operations with minimal disruption, adopt the practices and tools you’ll find in The Role of EHSQ in Management of Change. You will learn how EHSQ applications can help you:

  1. Improve operational effectiveness and drive continuous improvement.
  2. Reduce the number of incidents and improve the rate of incident reporting.
  3. Manage risk effectively.

If you would like to know how organizations are meeting compliance and regulatory requirements in an ever-changing business environment, the answer is only a click away!

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