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Imagine a world where we all had a safe workplace. The productivity gained by an organization would pale in comparison to the security we all felt in knowing we would be home safe every night.
Safety isn’t just about measuring your numbers, it’s about changing the day to day behavior in your organization. Maturing your safety culture takes vision, planning and safety management system software to help.
An Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Management System provides a framework for organizations to manage their activities in order to anticipate and prevent occupational injury and illness to their employees or adverse environmental impact.

EHS Health and safety management system software

Learn what is happening within your organization

Record, trend and investigate all types of EHS incidents, near-misses and dangerous conditions across your organization. Software solutions include:

Continuously improve

Improve the performance of your safety initiatives by leveraging leading indicators including behavior based safety, job safety analysis and ergonomics tracking. Software solutions include:

Discover transformational indicators

Get ahead of the safety curve with occupational health records and ergonomics assessments for all your employees across multiple job functions. Software solutions include:

Clearly define and communicate safety

Document and communicate safety compliance, safety policies and procedures through structured training in one central system. Software solutions include:

Introducing the Intelex Health & Safety Management Suite

  • Track safety training, licensing and certifications
  • Simplify compliance with permits and reporting requirements
  • Ensure quick access to all your critical safety data and metrics
  • Reduce safety risks across your entire organization


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