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Streamlining your quality management system and processes can improve operational efficiency and profitability, prepare your organization to meet the latest ISO 9001 regulatory and industry standards and differentiate your offer in a crowded marketplace.
However, quality is more than a competitive advantage. A proactive quality assurance system will shift the focus back on the customer and incorporate their feedback to shape your products and services. Establishing a quality-first organization requires industry best practices and robust quality management software to help.
Quality Management System (QMS) Software like Intelex help organizations manage processes, procedures and responsibilities in order to achieve their quality objectives, maintain regulatory compliance and meet customer requirements while improving efficiency and effectiveness on a continual basis.
Quality management system process


Reduce COPQ by Eliminating Inefficiencies in your Organization

Report, track and react to quality defects and nonconformances within your operations. Leverage our robust system to launch investigations, facilitate effective root cause analysis and assign corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) to eliminate inefficiencies, mitigate risk and increase customer satisfaction.

Drive Continual Improvement of Product & Process Quality

Analyze trends in quality performance and empower employees to develop innovative strategies to address product or process gaps present in your operations.

Build a Culture of Quality

Cultivate a culture of quality by providing employees with adequate training on departmental and organizational requirements and procedures as new information becomes available.

Provide a Centralized Repository of Documented Information

Equip your organization with instant access to the latest procedures, policies, work instructions, templates and records relevant to their roles.

Introducing the Intelex Quality Management Software Suite

  • Gain complete visibility into your quality program
  • Increase product and process quality
  • Measure and trend quality performance
  • Manage suppliers and customer feedback
  • Track employee training, qualifications, licenses and certifications
  • Ensure your organization is audit ready with the click of a button


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