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Optimize your supplier management system, reduce risk and drive supply chain performance with Intelex’s vendor management software

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What if you could have real-time access to information on the health of your supplier network at your fingertips? Our vendor management software give you the ability to make faster, more informed decisions which not only improve productivity but drastically impact quality and drive continuous improvement.
Proactively engage suppliers for nonconformances to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction. Effectively track vendor performance and supplier relationship management over time to evaluate and compare vendors to decide who to award additional business, while proactively minimizing the risk of financial, geographic, political, and operational disruptions. Stop making decisions based on anecdotal information and shift to a rational decision-making process based on real-time data using supplier management software.

Supplier management system

Create transparency throughout your supplier network

Increase visibility with a centralized system that is accessible across your organization. Globally manage your Approved Vendor List and integrate suppliers into your organization’s operational ecosystem to ensure compliance and reduce Cost of Poor Quality.

Promote continuous improvement

Learnings from corrective actions help eliminate waste and improve shipped quality. Continuous improvement initiatives will help build strong relationships with suppliers to enable product and process improvements, as well as the development of new capabilities.  

Regularly assess and reinforce resilience

There is increased risk of disruption as supply chains are complex, global, and undergo rapid transformation.  Stronger supplier partnerships improve an organization’s ability to effectively manage geographic, political, operational, environmental, financial and other disruptions.

Empower your employees

A collaborative supply chain that fosters continuous improvement requires both the commitment of your internal employees, and your external suppliers.  Build trust and accountability for the resilience of your supply chain with a user-friendly platform and easily accessible training.

Introducing Intelex Supplier Management Software

  • Provide your organizations and suppliers with global and quick access to supplier information
  • Consolidate and track supplier performance data in a centralized database
  • Reduce the risk of poor quality and supply chain disruptions
  • Continuously improve, collaborate, and develop your supplier network


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