Reporting ESG Goals: Affordable, Clean Energy

Now more than ever – in terms of cost and the impact on the environment and ESG reporting – energy management is important to your organization. ISO 50001 sets out the requirements for an organization that wishes to manage energy performance. This includes energy consumption such as gas use, electricity or fuel. For companies concerned about reaching ESG goals, ISO 50001 can be a critical tool in their toolbox.

Organizations often achieve tremendous savings through a mixture of no-cost, low-cost and acceptable-cost improvements. However, just spending money on technology and initiatives will not deliver the same benefits as will adopting the more professional approach to energy management in ISO 50001. Find out how an energy management system can help:

  • Reduce the amount of energy consumed, such as electricity or gas
  • Increase energy efficiency, such as producing more units for the same energy use.
  • Explore ways to reduce CO2 emissions, such as buying green renewable energy from energy suppliers or adopting renewable energy technology such as solar panels.

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