ESG 101 Training Course - Helping EHS teams contribute towards ESG success

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are changing how organizations operate in today's world. ESG is now a critical way for organizations to fulfill their responsibilities to the global community, generate sustainable business value and create resilient business models that can respond to global disruption.ESG 101 Training Course - Helping EHS teams contribute towards ESG success

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) practitioners are at the forefront of ESG efforts. From collecting the right data to understanding the nature of long-term risk, EHS practitioners are playing an increasingly vital role in implementing ESG at many organizations. As a result, EHS leaders and practitioners must develop a thorough understanding of their ESG responsibilities.

Intelex’s ESG 101 Training Course provides the foundational knowledge EHS practitioners need to be ESG leaders. This free online training course has three modules as below:

Module 1 – ESG Fundamentals
Intelex’s ESG Fundamentals training module can help your EHS teams build more awareness about ESG and contribute towards ESG success. In this first module, you will learn the following:

  • Concepts and definitions relating to ESG
  • The history and evolution of ESG
  • The practice areas that contribute to ESG
  • ESG vocabulary, acronyms, and additional reading material

Module 2 - ESG Reporting
This module will provide you with an overview of the ESG reporting landscape and the importance of ESG reporting. It will cover the following material:

  • Overview of ESG reporting and its importance
  • Leading ESG reporting frameworks
  • Key stakeholders within the ESG information ecosystem
  • Recent developments in ESG reporting

Module 3 - ESG in Practice
This module will help you learn how to put ESG into practice and execute ESG strategies. It will cover the following material:

  • How EHS and ESG intersect.
  • How EHS creates value for ESG.
  • How to define the ESG program management lifecycle.
  • How technology can solve common challenges.
  • How our checklist can help you find the right learning path and improve your ESG preparedness.

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