Intelex HazardIQ connects hazardous field environment monitoring to EHS management systems. The trailblazing technology removes delays in data gathering and allows gas alarm data to be easily analyzed and disseminated. As a result, the workflow from alarm to incident reporting is streamlined and the risk of data inaccuracies is eliminated.

  • Increases efficiency with automated collection and dissemination of hazard exposure alarm data
  • Improves worker safety through data enabled hazard detection and analysis
  • Provides workflows for root cause analysis and preventative actions
Claims Management Software

Intelex HazardIQ Connects Hazardous Field
Environment Monitoring to EHS Management Systems

Eliminate manual data collection processes and streamline hazard workflows for
increased efficiency, insightful reporting and improved risk management.

Get To Why Faster
Eliminate lag time in detecting and reporting hazardous gas data across your connected instrument deployment for earlier detection and quicker alert investigation and resolution. Data captured directly at the point of exposure is immediately available in the Intelex platform for triage, root cause analysis, action and resolution planning, and detailed reporting.

Key HazardIQ Software Features

HazardIQ allows EHS and Industrial Hygiene teams to optimize incident response and prevention
in hazardous environments through streamlined collection and analysis of
alarm data directly from connected instruments in the field.

HazardIQ - hazard detection and alarm data capture

Connected hazard detection and alarm data capture

Capture alarm events from connected iNet instruments across your operating environment, eliminating manual error-prone alarm reporting and capturing unreported alarms providing increased visibility for EHS managers, industrial hygienists and site safety leaders.

HazardIQ leverages the power of the Intelex platform to drive more efficient EHS programs within your organization.

Mitigate Risk & Manage EHS Processes

Improve your EHS management programs using leading and lagging indicators.

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  • Centralized and streamlined environmental and safety incident reporting and investigation, enabling real-time access to EHS data and improving Agnico’s ability to respond quickly.

    Agnico Eagle
  • Suez experienced a continuous reduction in the frequency rate of incidents (50 percent reduction from 10 years ago) and a significant decrease in the severity of incidents.

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Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide

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