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Intelex offers comprehensive construction safety software, streamlining safety protocols, incident reporting and compliance management. With real-time data analytics, it empowers construction teams to proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a secure and efficient work environment.

Intelex's Construction Safety Solution

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Intelex supports a safer and more efficient construction project

Navigating construction projects can involve challenges in data collection, training and communication. Intelex construction safety software helps by enabling efficient and high-quality data collection, delivering real-time trends and improving communication.

Intelex Construction Safety Software provides quality data and insights

Data collection and analysis

Dispersed workforces, manual data entry and complex work sites contribute to unsafe working conditions. With Intelex construction safety software, you can automate data collection and generate real-time insights.

Mobile App

Many construction workers never go anywhere near a laptop or desktop. The Intelex mobile app empowers construction workers to effortlessly share observations and file reports anytime, anywhere.

Intelex mobile app
Intelex Construction Safety Management software enhances communication and collaboration

Communication and Training

Communication gaps and training hurdles plague construction sites and projects, which are often diverse in scope and location. Intelex Construction Safety Software offers a solution by fostering seamless collaboration and efficient knowledge transfer, enhancing overall safety practices.

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Experience innovative solutions designed to fortify safety protocols and streamline construction site management.

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Construction Safety Software Solutions
Incident Reporting Software
Observations Software
Inspection Management Software
Permit to Work Software
Training Management Software
Job Safety Analysis Software
Document Control Software
Management of Change Software
Near Miss Reporting Software
Audit Management Software
Job Hazard Analysis Software
Corrective Action Reporting Software
Compliance Tracking Software
Compliance Automation

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The Intelex platform allows us to analyze EHS metrics in real time and respond more quickly to positively influence future events.

Scott Gerard
Vice President, EHS



in frequencies of injuries
from 2017 to 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do companies need Intelex construction safety software solutions?

Construction safety software is a digital solution designed to manage and enhance safety protocols on construction sites, facilitating incident reporting, compliance tracking and risk mitigation.

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