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Enhance construction site safety and foster sustainable growth using Intelex EHS software solutions. Mitigate site risks, simplify compliance and ensure a secure environment, contributing to a more productive and safer workplace for frontline workers.

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Construction safety cost of all injuries and incidents in the US

Intelex Drives Risk Reduction and Compliance Improvement

Intelex empowers construction companies with robust software solutions. Elevate safety standards, meet
regulation requirements and streamline operations for secure and efficient construction projects.

Intelex Construction Safety Management Software is easy to use

Ease of Use

Adopting new technology is challenging for frontline workers due to change resistance and perceived complexity. Intelex's user-friendly interface ensures seamless adoption and efficiency.

Intelex Construction Safety Management Software helps with regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating evolving regulations across project locations is complex. Intelex EHS software for construction safety management streamlines compliance, including OSHA, with centralized and automated tracking and reporting, helping to prevent fines and legal issues.

Intelex Construction Safety Software provides quality data and insights

Quality Data and Insights

Manual data collection, non-standard processes and diverse subcontractors can yield poor data, causing resource wastage and unsafe work sites. Intelex construction safety management software automates data collection and provides real-time insights, promoting a culture of improvement for safer, more efficient projects.

Intelex Construction Safety Software streamlines risk management and incident prevention

Risk Management and Incident Prevention

Frontline workers face numerous risks and hazards, such as falls, electrocutions and object impacts. Intelex EHS software identifies and mitigates risks in real-time, fostering safety by preventing accidents, injuries and delays.

Intelex Construction Safety Management Software generates efficient documentation and reporting

Efficient Documentation and Reporting

Construction projects generate a substantial amount of documentation including training records, incident reports and more. Intelex EHS software for construction projects streamlines this with a centralized platform that automates recording, storage and retrieval of safety records.

Intelex Construction Safety Management software enhances communication and collaboration

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Construction projects require efficient coordination amongst diverse teams, contractors and stakeholders. By leveraging mobile capabilities, automated notifications and real-time analytics, Intelex construction safety software ensures secure access to up-to-date records and workflows.

Unlock safety, communication, and compliance improvements. 

5 Steps for Implementing Leading Indicators in Construction Safety


5 Steps for Implementing Leading Indicators in Construction Safety

Learn how to optimize the creation of a digital safety management system built on data and analytics for construction.

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Discover how Moss successfully improved their
safety management system with Intelex


The Intelex platform allows us to analyze EHS metrics in real time and respond more quickly to positively influence future events.

Scott Gerard
Vice President, EHS



in frequencies of injuries
from 2017 to 2018

Trusted by over 1,400 clients and 3.5 million users worldwide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do construction firms need Intelex EHS software?

Intelex EHS software helps construction firms manage safety, compliance and environmental concerns efficiently by streamlining processes, reducing risks and promoting a proactive safety culture.

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