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Intelex Incident Reporting Software makes it easy to capture, analyze and prevent workplace incidents and near-misses from happening again. Our mobile app allows you to gather details rapidly on all types of incidents, including illnesses and injuries, environmental hazards and property damage. Streamlining these business processes means you can spend less time chasing down paperwork and more time reenforcing a strong culture of safety.

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EHS Incident Reporting Software Helps Create a Safer Workplace

A robust culture of safety consists of people, tools and efficient business processes. Automation and software are a pivotal part of this formula, helping you easily collect relevant data, track workflows and respond more quickly to prevent future incidents.

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Root Cause Analysis
Safety incidents rarely occur because of a single event. Instead, they are the result of small failures over time throughout the system. Discover the underlying problem using embedded Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methods, such as checklists, 5-Whys, Fishbone, Bowtie and Gap Analysis.

Key Incident Reporting and Management Software Features

Engaging the workforce is a key component of health and safety excellence. With out-of-the-box forms,
centralized information and an automatic alert system, incident reporting and management software
can help organizations better protect their workers and their bottom line.

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Track all types of workplace incidents

Produce out-of-the-box responsive forms for injuries and illnesses, near misses, vehicle, property damage, environmental hazards, security breaches and more. You could also use the integrated Form Designer to create new forms for incidents unique to your organization’s requirements.

Improve Workplace Safety with EHS Incident Reporting Software

Intelex’s user-friendly incident reporting system makes it easy for frontline workers, EHS professionals and leadership to improve workplace safety and productivity.

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Root Cause Analysis and CAPA Integration

Detecting root causes and driving corrective and preventative actions allows EHS professionals to identify areas for improvement that might never have been uncovered otherwise.

EHS Incident Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

What is a safety incident in the workplace?

EHS practice defines an incident as an unplanned or unintended event that disturbs normal business operation and leads to worker injury, illness or equipment damage. Examples of incidents include injury or illness related to a construction project, a vehicle accident in a logistics company or a hazardous discharge from a chemical plant. Inappropriate workplace behavior can also be an example of a workplace incident.

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This six-minute product demo walks you though the core features and functionality of the Intelex EHS Incident Reporting application.


EHS incidents can be painful for injured employees, the environment, and your organization’s bottom line, but incident management and reporting doesn’t have to be a pain point for you.

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Work-related deaths in the U.S. have reached the highest number since 2007, according to research from the National Safety Council. Thousands of families every year lose a loved one in a workplace incident. It’s time for EHS professionals to adopt a new approach to eliminating worker death.

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  • If you are presenting a proposal to executives, it’s much easier if you have data to back it up. Looking at the number of incidents through the Intelex dashboards helps us make our case (to management) for new equipment, or a change in procedure, or to stop an activity that is too risky.

    Louise Grondin
    SVP Environment, Sustainable Development, & People
    Agnico Eagle
  • An advantage of using software to address incident management is being able to have an exchange of information with our workers. We look at software as a conversation and how we can utilize it to give our workers information they’ll find useful at that time.

    Gary Pitts
    Global Health Safety and Security Lead
    All Hands and Hearts
  • The incident management tool allows us to track incidents across our whole organization, do follow-ups, investigations and provide a way for managers to get visibility into these incidents.

    Ryan Orvis
    Intelex Administrator

Transform your organization's Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality management today.

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See How Intelex Incident Reporting Software Benefits your Organization

Watch the product demo and see how Intelex Incident Reporting Software makes it easy to capture, track, investigate, and manage all types of workplace safety incidents. Experience the ease-of-use and breadth of features that streamlines your EHS program to save you time and money.

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