Intelex Joins the NSC SAFER Task Force to Provide
Guidance for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Intelex is joining a task force representing over 50 organizations as part of the NSC Safe Actions for
Employee Return to Work (SAFER) initiative, which will issue recommendations and
guidance about post-pandemic return-to-work. Read More.

On-Demand Webinar

As part of the Microsoft’s for Healthcare series, hear from Mike Hicks, Intelex’s Chief Product Officer, on how Intelex’s health and safety applications and functionalities can greatly increase your management capabilities within the healthcare industry during times of crisis and emergency response. Discover what Intelex tools exist to ensure business continuity and positive impact across different areas for healthcare providers, including how to communicate and engage with workers.

Product Webinars

Product Webinar

Learn how Incident Management mitigates risk and enhances the business value of Health & Safety.

Product Webinar

Discover how Document Management can reduce risk and improve workplace performance.

Webinar Series

COVID-19: Managing Uncertainty in Turbulent Times

Our webinar series, ‘COVID-19: Managing Uncertainty in Turbulent Times’ is 3-part webinar series that focuses on how to use the features and applications available in Intelex to handle crises, such as COVID-19. Topics include:

Product Overview Videos

Take a quick tour of key applications that can help you quickly and impactfully communicate
with workers, manage change, and monitor their, and your own, preparedness.

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An effective crisis management plan with preparation - along with the clearly defined roles and responsibilities and practical training - ensures the best success. While there are no absolutes in dealing with crisis communications since every organization is different, it’s a safe bet that the EHS practitioner may be called upon to deliver information or will be integral in preparation of any internal or external communication. This checklist can help you gather the information your organization needs to handle any crisis situation.


While the traditional quality toolbox will continue to be important for every quality practitioner, digital transformation promises to help organizations enhance their production. Learn how to create an effective digital quality architecture.

Blog Post

Mention the word Coronavirus, and an unsettling knot grows in your stomach. It is sweeping across the globe with great voracity. Every newspaper headline screams it. Every television news program I’ve watched over the last month leads with it.

Blog Post

No matter where you are located in the world, you likely are working through the impacts and risks associated with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as it pertains to your employees, your customers, your community, and your business. At Intelex, we are doing the same.

Blog Post

The global COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the world into a state of nervousness and uncertainty. People everywhere are adapting to new realities that would have been unfathomable just months ago.

White Paper

Every plan, every project, every business endeavor operates in the presence of uncertainty and this uncertainty creates the opportunity for risk.

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Exposure Tracking and Case Reporting

Accelerate exposure tracking efforts

Create, track and report corrective action plans within a single system of record to increase visibility and availability for operational teams across your organization.