Document Control Software

Intelex Document Control Software simplifies document management across your entire organization. It saves time and money by preventing errors, reducing risk and improving visibility while streamlining workflows and audits.

  • Centralize and standardize critical documents
  • Exceed regulatory compliance requirements
  • Control access to sensitive files, forms and reports
  • Automate key workflows to reduce costs and error rates
Document Control Software

Document Control Software Saves Time and Money

Intelex Document Control software automates key document management processes,
prevents errors and centralizes access to important company documentation.

Document Control Software
Centralize Document Control
Manage documents in a centralized system and implement consistent, company-wide document workflow processes. Intelligent, global search capabilities help you locate the documents you need quickly and easily.
Document lifecycle management and robust template features manage change more effectively and slash the administration effort by automating document reviews and approvals.
Integrated access controls enables users to view, modify, authorize, distribute and retire your organization’s important documents while recording any access or change to maintain an audit trail.
Maintain a complete revision history for all important documents to be "audit-ready." Reduce the risk of penalties and fines by easily adhering to important standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and ISO 45001.

Document Control Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is Document Control?

Document control is the practice or practices that organizations use to manage documents from their creation, through distribution, revision, approval and storage. It focuses on structured documents used in the design, development and manufacturing of products. Document control describes the workflows associated with these practices and identifies the roles and responsibilities of all key stakeholders.

Key features of document control include:

  • Lifecycle Management: Manage where a document is stored and how it may be used from creation to its retirement.
  • Revision History: Creates an audit trail by identifying who revised a document along with a data and time stamp.
  • Access Control: Identifies what document functions (create, view, modify, approve, delete) are allowed based on user’s role and location.
  • Collaboration: Centralized document control enables company-wide collaboration throughout the entire document lifecycle.
  • Compliance: Simplify compliance reporting and audits by ensuring that the correct documents are created, approved and stored.

Document management shares many of the same features and functions as document control (storing, locating, updating, tracking and sharing documents), but in a broader, more general sense. Where document management solutions such as SharePoint or OpenText are productivity tools suitable for most businesses, document control systems are more rigorous and robust, making them more appropriate for companies operating in regulated industries where compliance is mandatory or critical for success.

Document control software centralizes and streamlines the processes and workflows for all types of documents across the entire lifecycle of your company’s compliance efforts. It automates the review, approval, distribution, retrieval, and obsolescence processes of important documents while tracking all revisions to simplify compliance requirements and audits. The centralized, digital nature of Document Control software makes it ideal for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Document Control software saves time and money by automating key document management processes, preventing errors and centralizing access to important company documentation such as forms, reports, schematics, plans, checklists and many others.

  • Centralize Documents: Manage documents in a centralized system and implement consistent, company-wide document approval and workflow processes.
  • Integrated Workflows: Integrated lifecycle management and robust template features manage change more effectively and slash the necessary administration effort by automating document reviews and approvals.
  • Enhanced Access Controls: Use integrated access controls to share approved documents securely inside your organization or to external stakeholders, all while maintaining a full audit trail.
  • Maintain Compliance: Maintain a complete revision history for all important documents to be "audit-ready". Reduce the risk of penalties and fines by easily adhering to important standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and ISO 45001.

Key Document Control Software Features

Enable stronger security and more control over important
documents to reduce risk and simplify compliance.

Document Control Software - Find documents faster

Find documents faster

Intelligent search capabilities and filters enable quick document retrieval for operational or audit purposes and avoid the need to search through multiple online and offline repositories.

Document Control Software Makes EHSQ Easy

Document Control software is a critical part of EHSQ management.

Document Control Software
Mitigate Risk & Manage EHS Processes

Improve your EHS management programs using leading and lagging indicators.

Track quality KPIs, manage nonconformances and maintain compliance.

Keep everyone in the loop and share best practices for continuous improvement.

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