Meetings Management Software

Intelex Meetings Management software streamlines meeting workflows, enhances collaboration and improves productivity, leading to more efficient meetings that support compliance with EHS and ESG regulations.

  • Simplify the process of scheduling meetings and automating reminders
  • Ensure everyone has access to the necessary materials
  • Gain insights into attendance rates and absenteeism
  • Save costs by reducing administrative overhead
Meetings Management Software

Meetings Management Software Helps
Improve Communication and Collaboration

Automating meetings management optimizes time and resources for better communication, collaboration and engagement.

Meetings Management Software
Streamline Scheduling and Automatic Reminders

Simplify the process of scheduling meetings through a centralized platform where organizers can view the availability of participants, find suitable meeting times and send out invitations. Automatic reminders reduce the chances of missed or forgotten meetings.

Meetings Management Software Features

Intelex Meetings Management software delivers a centralized system for scheduling, tracking and reporting EHS and ESG meetings. The application streamlines attendance, minutes and agendas while automatically syncing an accurate record of distributed materials.

Meetings Management Software - Streamline and automate scheduling

Optimize Scheduling and Reminders

Double bookings and forgotten meetings can waste valuable time and resources. With a meetings management application, you can optimize scheduling and send out automatic notifications to ensure participants are on board.

EHS and ESG Software Helps Foster Responsible Business Practices and Create Long-Term Value

EHS and ESG software helps organizations foster sustainable and responsible business practices while engaging stakeholders, reducing risks and creating long-term value. Each of our applications are designed to stand alone but used together can leverage your performance exponentially.

Meetings Management Software
Enhanced Compliance

Through a centralized platform, automatically sync up checklists, data and workflows across multiple locations. Intelligent search capabilities make it easy to access your audit trail.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What is meetings management software and how does it work?

Meetings management software is a technological solution that streamlines and optimizes the process of planning, organizing and carrying out meetings. It provides tools for centralizing information, automating administrative tasks and promoting collaboration.

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