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The Impact of Including Air and Water Emissions Data as Part of your ESG Program

With compliance at the heart of business continuity in regulated industries, staying prepared is mission-critical. Over the last decade, environmental and sustainability regulations, such as air, water and waste regulations, for businesses have become increasingly important around the world and businesses must clearly demonstrate compliance to the latest regulations/directives.

Streamlining compliance management can improve competitiveness by freeing up bandwidth to focus on proactive risk mitigation strategies. Intelex ACTS Emissions Management software allows companies to monitor all types of air and water regulations and have an at-a-glance view of a location that shows upcoming permit expirations with next to near real-time proactive emissions limit monitoring. Register for this special session and learn how ACTS can help you identify potential savings in carbon tax dollars and how you can use this data to be a centerpiece of your overall ESG program. You will also learn about:

  • Investor grade data quality
  • End to end transparency in your business
  • ACTS Emissions Management as the centerpiece of your ESG Program
  • Data audit trail
  • Configurable ESG dashboards, benchmarking and reporting frameworks
  • Emission Factor Library to easily and accurately calculate emissions
  • Educate employees about your ESG program via Bulletins
  • How to use this data to make educated business decisions

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