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Water, Waste, and Refrigerant Management Software – How To Ensure Your Environmental Management Program Is Comprehensive And Future-Proof

The Environmental element EHS is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. While the ‘H’ and ‘S’ enjoyed the spotlight for the last decade or so, enabled by advances in data science, software tools, wearable technology, and the recognition of the importance of safety excellence to overall business performance, ‘E’ stood in the compliance-focused background. Now, with increasing attention on ESG, climate change, and general environmental performance, Environmental Management beyond compliance is trending in a major way.

To stay ahead of this wave of regulation, public pressure, and investor pressure, companies around the globe need to ensure that their Environmental Management Program is comprehensive and future-proof. This means it must go beyond Air Emissions and also cover Water Usage and Emissions, Waste Generation, and even Refrigerant Management for both compliance and performance excellence purposes. Intelex’s dedicated solutions for all three allow automated compliance monitoring, fast and accurate emission calculations and streamlined reporting all while saving time, reducing risk, and minimizing headaches.

Learn how Intelex can help you meet and exceed your Environmental Management obligations and goals. Attendees will receive guidance on how to build this system as well as a live demonstration of Intelex’s Water, Waste, and Refrigerant Management applications.

Our presenters chat about:

  • What a strong Environmental Management Program looks like
  • Why Water, Waste, and Refrigerant Management are all key to a holistic approach
  • The relationship between classic environmental compliance and ESG
  • How software can solve common pain points and optimize existing processes

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