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Application Spotlight: Sustainability Performance Indicators

How to centralize and streamline your sustainability reporting

Sustainability isn’t just a business imperative, it’s a key lever in accelerating value creation across your organization. Organizations like yours are looking for ways to improve sustainability outcomes and accelerate business performance, but challenges in collecting, verifying, and reporting data remain.   

Intelex Sustainability Performance Indicators provides a comprehensive solution for sustainability management, including data gathering, calculations, evaluation and reporting. Track sustainability indicators that map directly to your materiality assessment for energy metrics, water metrics, health and safety metrics, plus many more. Centralize the collection of all metrics and data for streamlined analysis and reporting and provide a clear audit trail for transparency and data integrity.  

Join Aaron Davis, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Georgia Dransutavicius, Senior Product Solution Consultant, Sustainability, for an hour-long product focused session to walkthrough the Intelex Sustainability Performance Indicators solution. 

Learn more about how you can simplify the management of your sustainability programs and initiatives including: 

  • Streamlining data collection and aggregation across locations
  • Defining indicators and aligning with reporting frameworks such as GRI and CDP
  • Setting up reporting rules aligned to a reporting schedule
  • Understanding reporting workflow, task management, and approvals
  • Simplifying reporting and analysis with dashboards and data visualization tools


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