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Unleash a Better Safety Culture by Controlling Process Variability

Variations that exist within system processes may be putting workers on a path to making poor decisions while performing their work and invariably compromising their safety.

Tightening process methodologies ensures there’s little room for interpretation by workers that forms bad safety habits. In his recently published Intelex Insight Report, entitled, Unleash a Better Safety Culture by Controlling Process Variability, Scott Gaddis, the Health and Safety Practice Leader for Intelex Technologies, notes that in many incidents where a worker performs an unsafe act the decision that often led to err was likely influenced by other uncontrolled variables residing within the work system itself.

In this report you will learn:

  • Best practices for gaining control of work process systems,
  • Models for assessing and determining incident/accident causation,
  • Systems approaches to building process robustness, and,
  • Systems safety factors.

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