EHS Software for Oil and Gas

Intelex EHS Management Software and ESG Management Software simplify regulatory compliance, manage permits and help build a strong health and safety culture to maximize your company's productivity while supporting your mission toward corporate sustainability.

  • Understand and comply with all global regulations, standards and directives
  • Improve EHS program adoption and employee engagement
  • Centralize management of all EHS functions with a scalable SaaS solution
  • Measure, manage and reduce you organization's impact on the environment
EHS Software for Oil and Gas

EHS Software Protects Workers and the Environment

Intelex EHS software delivers proven health and safety management while also simplifying environmental compliance and reporting.

Avoid Incidents and Accidents

Avoid Incidents and Accidents

Incidents are expensive due to both the lost productivity from downtime and the cost associated with worker injury or illness. Intelex SaaS Incident Management Software delivers a centralized system of record for incident management that saves time and money by simplifying the recording, tracking, investigating, managing and preventing of workplace incidents.

Streamline Compliance Management with Software

The oil and gas industry has strict compliance requirements for environmental sustainability as well as worker health and safety. Intelex Compliance Management Software simplifies compliance with global environmental regulations/directives and simplifies the management of air emissions, water quality metrics, soil contamination and hazardous waste tracking.

Streamline Compliance Management with Software
 Hit the Triple Bottom Line with ESG Software

Hit the Triple Bottom Line with ESG Software

Oil and gas companies around the world are aggressively pursuing ESG strategies to maximize their triple bottom-line of profits, people and planet. Intelex ESG Software ensures compliance, increases visibility and simplifies the management of air emissions, water quality metrics, soil contamination and hazardous waste tracking across your entire organization.

Easy Internal and External Audits

Understanding the complex global regulatory environment is as important as it is difficult. Intelex Audit Management Software consolidates audit data from all company locations and operating jurisdictions into a single system of record while delivering all the standard forms, checklists and documents required to ensure your organization is always ready for an internal or external audit.

 Easy Internal and External Audits

Proven EHS Management Software for Oil and Gas Companies

Intelex EHS Management Software and ESG Management Software deliver an integrated suite of EHS applications to improve operations and protect the environment.

Vaccine Management Software
Manage Health & Safety

Streamline employee health and safety management within a centralized SaaS solution.

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Intelex has made in their organizations.

Trans-Northern Pipelines looked to Intelex to deliver a system that could encompass health and safety standards as well as ensuring overall regulatory compliance. With Intelex, Trans-Northern Pipelines Wanted improved efficiency in processing integrity concerns, including health and safety issues and gained a reliable system able to withhold scrutiny of external auditing processes.

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ISO 45001 standard can help oil and gas companies improve employee safety, reduce workplace risk and create better and safer working conditions. To truly realize the standard’s benefits, you must strive to embed EHS policies into your culture and everyday operations.

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Learn about the key EHS trends that EHS practitioners in the Energy and Environment industry need to be ready for now and in the future.

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  • Not only does the Intelex System allow for optimal organization and distribution of documents, manuals, and procedures, it increases internal accountability ensuring health and safety issues are dealt with in a timely fashion. Using Intelex to ensure the effectiveness of our performance provides a safer environment for employees, contractors, and in our case, the public.

    Alan Conquergood
  • We have targets to hit net zero carbon by 2050, and when you model what this means for shorter timeframes, it is important to have reliable and accurate datasets for actual and historic energy usage.

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