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Industry Spotlight: Energy and Environment: The Key EHS and Sustainability Trends Practitioners Need To Know

Since its inception, the EHS world has been dynamic. New regulations, new technologies, and new management approaches have all transformed the landscape multiple times over, and the 2020s aren’t looking like an exception. The COVID pandemic, new environmental regulations, enhanced supply chain scrutiny, and the emergence of ESG are all major, paradigm-shifting events and it’s only been two and a half years!

Energy and Environment is one of the most exposed industries when it comes to shifts in EHS. It’s dirty, it’s dangerous, its highly regulated, and its highly visible – a challenging combination for everyone from an EHS associate to the CEO.

Hear from Intelex about the key EHS trends that EHS practitioners in the Energy and Environment industry need to be ready for in the near and medium-term. We’ll cover:

  • The enhanced focus on Sustainability and ESG, including new disclosure rules
  • A generational shift in the workforce and what it means for EHS management
  • New technologies enabling quicker and more effective risk identification and mitigation
  • Key regulations on the horizon
  • And more!

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