Cory uses a river-based infrastructure to help London manage its recyclable and non-recyclable waste, making the city cleaner and safer. Founded in the mid–late 1800s and incorporated 125 years ago in 1896 as W.M. Cory & Son, the company has evolved from a coal distribution company on the River Thames into one of the UK’s leading waste management, recycling and energy recovery companies. Their vision is to be partner of choice for sustainable waste management throughout London and the South East of England.

Forterra PLC


  • Due to nature of the business – sorting, containerising and moving waste – the greatest need for digital technology intervention was within the functions that support the business: HSEQ, Finance, IT and HR.
  • The organisation needed clarity and visibility on what was going on in the frontline operations, especially as it is simply not possible to be everywhere at once.
  • There was a need to foster a culture of continuous improvement and awareness – with an emphasis on building trust between management and workers.

Intelex Solution

  • The team implemented Intelex’s Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPI) application, Safety Observations Management Software and Incident Management Software.
  • Intelex’s Audit Management Software, Inspection Management Software and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Software are currently in the process of being implemented.
  • A key driver for the Intelex system was that it enabled the Cory team to have the flexibility to make workflows and processes match those that they were already comfortable with within the organisation.
  • As a river-based logistics operation, Cory has very specific reporting requirements which are different to those required for land-based sites, so having a system that the team members are able to configure to their specific needs was vitally important.


  • The roll out of SPI, Safety Observations and Incident Management has increased their ability to analyse incident data and importantly understand what has happened and why.
  • The ability to link records together and have the applications “speak” to each other is proving to be invaluable. For example, a record created in JSA can be linked with data in Audit Management and Inspection Management, providing valuable insight and improved efficiency.
  • The Cory team are now able to see errors in real time which importantly allows them to address the fundamental and underlying issues.
  • The team has also seen a reduction in the administrative and information management overhead they previously encountered, whilst continuing to demonstrate compliance across the organisation.