Your EHS and ESG obligations are becoming more numerous and more complex every day. From increased market expectations and regulatory responsibilities to managing overwhelming amounts of data, organizations are under pressure to deliver effective EHS and ESG programs while still providing value to customers and stakeholders. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t know where to start as they struggle to meet these challenges.

Knowing how to succeed in this environment requires understanding how other organizations are managing these same challenges. To help with this, Intelex has created the Global Research Report and the EHS and ESG Maturity Survey.

The Global Research Report is built on research findings from Vanson Bourne. It examines the state of EHS and ESG in Europe and North America to help organizations better understand how their peers are creating effective programs for safety and sustainability. It highlights the common challenges, the diverse solutions and the technology that can provide the foundation to mitigating EHS and ESG risk and finding opportunities to thrive.

Our EHS and ESG Maturity Survey gives organizations the opportunity to diagnose the maturity of their EHS and ESG programs to see how they measure up against industry standards. The results of this survey can help leaders make informed strategic decisions about where to focus their EHS and ESG resources and how to use Intelex technology to become safety and sustainability leaders.

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Download the research report "Complex Data, Increasing Regulations and Cutting-Edge Solutions: How Technology is Protecting Workers and Supporting Sustainability and ESG" and discover:

  • How ESG and EHS share many common concerns and practices.
  • Why effective data management is critical for EHS and ESG.
  • How Intelex can provide digital solutions that help organizations succeed in an increasingly demanding global market.

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Why should you take our maturity survey?

When it comes to the maturity of your EHS and ESG programs, you want to know about your problems before your stakeholders or regulators tell you what they are. Measuring your EHS and ESG strategy and maturity against the competition is the best way of understanding where your programs are now and where they need to be for your organization to thrive.

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It’ll take you less than 10 minutes to complete

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We’ll give you detailed information and tips about things you can do to improve your competitive edge

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You’ll be able to see how you compare to organisations just like yours

The EHS and ESG Maturity Survey is a series of short questions that can help you diagnose the effectiveness of your current EHS and ESG programs. Once you know your maturity, you can determine the technology solutions you need to find new opportunities and meet the increasing challenges of a dynamic global market.

Additional Resources

ESG Data: What Should You Collect and Why?

The Insight Report ESG Data: What Should You Collect and Why? examines what ESG is and what you need to do to understand your ESG obligations. You will learn about why ESG relies on high-quality data, what data you need to collect for ESG and the tools you need to manage successful ESG initiatives.

Big Ambitions. Complex Data. Limited Visibility. How Health & Safety and ESG Professionals Are Dealing with Today’s Evolving Challenges

EHS and ESG professionals have so much data and so many data collection systems at their fingertips that 57 percent said that their biggest challenge is searching for critical data in disparate data collection systems.

EMEA Research Report

Intelex teamed up with Market Research specialists, Vanson Bourne, to better understand how EHS and ESG professionals in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are driving business results within their organsiations when it comes to EHS and ESG.