Coats and the Journey to Zero: How Intelex Supports a Global Safety Culture

Coats is a world leader in thread manufacturing and structural components for apparel and footwear, as well as an innovator in performance materials. It is a FTSE250 company with over 17,000 employees on six continents. Coats provides threads for everything from conventional apparel to safety-critical products like automotive airbags and hot air balloons.


Coats Journey to Zero strategy is an approach to creating a comprehensive global safety culture that makes the entire organisation a safe place to work for every employee. As part of that journey, Coats looked to Intelex to provide data solutions and structured safety workflows to serve more than 17,000 employees across six continents.

In a global organisation, collecting and managing the necessary data for supporting leading indicators can be a challenge. Coats had several manual processes for data management, which was time consuming and had a risk of error resulting from manual data entry.

To meet this challenge, Coats is using EHS Incident Management and Behavior-Based Safety, which has streamlined the reporting and approval process and eliminated the manual entry of data into spreadsheets.

Intelex Solution

Intelex has supported Coats’ Journey to Zero strategy to produce some significant safety successes, including an increase in the identification of improvement actions and a reduction in the number of injuries and other incidents. Improvements include:

  • Near misses reporting rate: +33%
  • Hazard reporting rate: +36%
  • Improvement actions completed rate: +55%

Intelex Applications


Coats has seen significant improvement in near misses reporting rate (+33%), hazard reporting rate (+36%) and improvement actions completed rate (+55%).