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Transformative Strategies for Proactive Safety and Worker Engagement at the Frontline

Frontline workers play a critical role in ensuring workplace safety. Unfortunately, leadership often overlooks their value in contributing to the organization’s safety and health performance. When leadership fails to include frontline workers in conversations about supporting the safety culture, safety initiatives can fail to bring about any meaningful safety change. As a result, safety targets remain out of reach and injuries and illnesses can remain high.

Engaging frontline workers in your safety culture creates a partnership in which workers provide observations and identify hazards to support leading indicators and help prevent incidents from happening. They can contribute to improving safe work design, transitioning from traditional paper-based reporting systems, and pursuing innovative ways to improve process visibility.  

This interactive session examines how leadership can empower frontline workers and equip them with the technology to help facilitate genuine engagement with the safety culture.  

Join Scott Gaddis, VP of Safety and Health at Intelex, as he examines how you can achieve better safety program integration with the frontline and shows you the tangible steps to build and sustain a resilient safety culture. 

Join us to gain insights into: 

  • What participation and the journey to partnership means at the frontline. 
  • Strategies for transitioning to a proactive safety approach. 
  • Empowering frontline workers to identify and address potential risks.

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